Freedom. Anyone Seen It?

I've often talked about the term "freedom" on this blog. One of the best definitions I've read comes from David Icke, who says, in a nutshell, that freedom is the right to live, do, be, consume, think, speak as one wishes in so long as that choice is not interfering with anothers right to enjoy the same freedom. (I like to add that freedom does not mean being free from being offended.)

With that definition in mind, anyone seen freedom? I know I'm in need of it. And yes, blah blah, I know others will say we have it better than other people in other parts of the world. No shit we do. And yet we still aren't free in the truest sense of the word and that in and of itself should royally have every one of us heated to our core, even those who like to pull the "yeah but we have it better than..." diatribe.

There are all sorts of movements underway, new talk, new ideas about what kind of a society we could have. Some of it lifts me. Some of it gives me pause for concern. To those who talk about powering our lives with cleaner technology such as the sun, water and the wind, I'm right there with ya. To those who speak of buying more locally, creating more communities who are mostly self-sustaining, again, right there with ya. To those who speak of vehicles that run on water, electricity and air, again, right there with ya. To those who speak of affordable homes (in the truest definition of the term that is) that are energy efficient/responsible, again, all for it!

But then there are those who think we have to go back to the days when everyone grew their own food or live in some little hut or who think we need to give up our vehicles and resort to foot and peddle power. There are those who think we need to stop consuming (no more tv, computer, video games, etc.). Such ideas concern me, if not outright offend me. The idea of everyone growing their own food is simplistic if not absurd. That takes a great deal of time and most people simply lack the land space to do that. And when in history has anyone ever been totally self-sustainable? We've always depended upon others in one way or another. Bring back bartering instead of thowing out the baby with the bath water. While I support the idea of people growing more of their own food (if space allows for it), I believe we can have a sustainable economy by having a small group of farmers growing the food for their local communities, certainly food that many simply wouldn't have the space for (wheat, cows/sheep/pigs/chickens, corn, etc.). And until we address the wage issue, we need to install a sliding scale fee on everything.

Giving up of our vehicles is also a ridiculous idea. As mentioned above, I am completely for vehicles that are environmentally friendly. I'm more than happy to give up my gas consuming vehicle for one that is earth friendly. And I also support the idea of smaller vehicles (although I do like the idea of having an old truck around to haul things). But to expect others to give up their vehicles altogether goes contrary to the principle of freedom. If my vehicle isn't polluting, what business is it of yours how I choose to transport myself? I'll tell you: it is none of your business.

Then there's the whole idea of consumption. How much is too much? And most importantly: Who gets to make that decision? I don't want someone telling me what I can and cannot consume, although I do believe we need to be conscientious of the products we buy. More on that in a bit. Personally, I enjoy my movies, my television, my computer, my music. I like my a/c during the hot days. I enjoy eating out now and then. I have no desire to give any of it up, nor should I or anyone else have to. What's more important to me is where these products are made and are the workers making a living wage (living wage amount for their area) and being treated with respect. If not, then that's an issue for my choice is contributing to someone not enjoying freedom in its truest sense. Obviously our choices presented to us today mean we're interfering with others freedoms. This must change.

I've taken numerous online quizzes about my carbon footprint. I've received different results with each quiz. Rather odd, isn't it? I've even tested some of these sites by saying I lived in a 5,000 square foot home that was energy efficient and used solar and wind to power it. One site claimed that reduced my carbon footprint in the sustainable zone while another said it mattered little how my home was powered--the size alone was too big for the planet. A little voice within reminded me that while there was some truthful insights to these tests, they were still being presented by people with an agenda and it is human behavior to do whatever it takes to convince others of our personal truths. You do it, I do it, we all do it.

I truly deeply believe to the core of who I am that we CAN enjoy our "creature comforts" and that such comforts can be created in ways that are sustainable and friendly to the planet AND to the people. We can enjoy lives of abundance, however we define that abundance (it will be different for everyone). We can have it all and enjoy it without guilt for knowing others have been enslaved to some master to present us such comfort/enjoyment. Embracing the concept of freedom must be part of the picture if we are to have anything lasting and peaceful.

The answers, I believe, rely on looking to one another to create things anew. Government and their like have their own agenda. I'm so tired of writing letters and supporting grass roots organizations whose focus is to install new parties, etc. That's been like watching grass grow. Enough of the wait. Let's gather now, rich and poor, young and old, and talk about how we can create a new system where we maintain a good standard of living by measures that support freedom. Let's examine the idea that we don't need government. We don't even need a country or states. Let's look within and remember how enlightened we really are, remember where we come from. Let's remember all of the rules and expectations and should's we place on one another are human made and most haven't a thing to do with our potential, our hidden selves.

Technology is not the problem. Irresponsible (and archaic) technology is the issue. Western living isn't the problem. Western living without conscious is.


Pugs in Space said...

Right on Nina. Like you said before it is all about balance. While it would be wonderful to grow all of your own food, it is back breaking labor. Growing a garden is a wonderful way to supplement and lower costs but true homesteading is not for the weak for sure. It is easy to for me to fantasize how it was back then but the reality was harsh conditions and death. We over shot getting out of that bare bones survival method by industrializing everything to the max instead of enhancing our basic way of life with moderate conveniences. Bartering and a sense of community is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

You are not the only one who thinks this way - you should drop by the Kias World forum (http://forum.kiasworld.co.uk) - there are some of us already working towards a new freedom.