We're Fucked

I'm tossing all of the "wise" "feel good" words of the other day for a few moments while I engage in some much needed bitching about how fucked we are as a nation. How do I know this?

Glad you asked.

I read an article where a cross-section of undecided voters were sharing their opinions on the prez candidates. Their responses clarified why I feel like such an outsider in this land o' the free. In short, I'm awake, wise and aware. And they're not. Politically speaking that is.

Excuse me while a take another sip of my mixed drink. I'm not a drinker, but tonight since I'm throwing caution to the wind with my mouth, I figure why not add in some alcohol to the party......

Ok. So where was I? Oh yes, ranting on the people who call themselves informed voters. Let's look up that term as it applies today in the official Nina Dictionary, shall we?

Ah, here we go. Hmm. That's interesting. It shows a picture of a donkey's ass with a monkey holding his hands over his eyes sitting on top. And hey, there's another holding his hands over his ears.

Sometimes no words are needed.

Back to the wisdom of the american voter.

Some were repukes. Others were democraps. Others, independent.

One guy claims to have voted for Nader one year and GW Bush in another. Really. Yes, I myself as well was wondering how in the hell is that possible? What was he smoking?

One of the females said one of the things she liked about Obama was how he wasn't surrounded by special interest groups the way some other politicians are. Good thing I wasn't eating when I read that one. The page may have become littered with spaghetti as a result.

There were folks who support the war in Iraq and think we're doing a good job. There were others who don't support the Iraq war but support the fighting in Afghanistan. It seems all were supportive of our desire to capture Osama and kicking his ass for 9/11, despite our own FBI not linking him with the hell of that day.

These folks came from a myriad of states. Most were between the ages of 28 and 50. There were blacks, hispanics, whites and asians. A variety of income levels and marital status were part of the make-up. In short, this was a representation of the American Voter.

Hence, we're fucked.

We're fucked because these folks fail to give any level of real importance to who is running the show and who wants to lead this nation. We're fucked because of the lack of intuition and inner exploration used by these people. We're fucked because of their lack of insight and their obviously lack of desire to question, search and then question and search some more.

Lack of time is no longer an excuse. Neither is ignorance. We can't afford another puppet to be put in place, certainly not voluntarily that is. But alas, that's what will happen in this presidential election year. And this time next year, I will do what I did when the democrats took over the congress two years ago, when pissed off democrats began saying "HEY! You guys and gals didn't fix a damn thing! What's up with that?" I will patiently and quietly say, "They're simply two sides of the same coin, supported by the same people, those people who dictate policy." Only this time I won't be so patient. Or quiet. This time I may just say those words I usually refrain from saying in such situations: "I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!"

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Pugs in Space said...

Right on! I think it awesome that you rant and is cool too how you cuss. Awesome!

"Some were repukes. Others were democraps"

Love those terms I will have to add them to my vocabulary!