Spin, Perception, The Matrix. Where's my blankie??

Listening to our washing machine run through the spin cycle earlier was an appropriate sound as I read through some blogs and headlines. Everyone has an opinion. Usually, that opinion is spun to match ones perception. Left, right, centrist, doesn't matter. Who knows what the real truth is anymore. For nearly every opinion/conclusion one finds, no matter how much "science" and "research" and "facts" are behind it, you can find the very opposite opinion with just as much information to back it up.

At times like this, I'm much more interested in what CAN be instead of what IS. I still spend some time (too much) keeping up on current happenings and blogging about them, then I hit this wall that says "Enough. What do you want?" Right now? To rest and feel better.

David Icke sends me a portion of his weekly newsletter in my e-mail box every week. Recently he talked about denying reality, being blind to reality, especially when that reality is too painful. He wrote it in such a way that felt rather insulting and demeaning to those who catch that glimpse then go running off back to the safety of their former self.

We're all different. Some are much more sensitive than others. And as such, certain "realities" (a term that is in so many ways left to interpretation-at least in terms of a persons behavior-for even though one may have a huge pile of evidence on the behavior or another, NO ONE can know with 100% certainty the motivation of another) are simply too much for the mind to grasp. It isn't about being lazy or unmotivated. It usually comes down to the mind not being able to handle the new information. This was brought up in The Matrix when Neo is grasping his awakening truth and his new surroundings. I absolutely love the scene in which he sees things as they really have been for the first time. He vomits then passes out. Despite this basic human reaction, the scene is nonetheless very powerful in its simplicity. Today I can't watch it without weeping. He also spent months resting and adapting, being healed in a very loving, supportive environment. There weren't the pressures of making money to provide himself (and family) with shelter and food and the basic needs of survival. There were no bills to pay. No children or family to worry about. No outside demands for his time or attention. In addition, he had a lot of support by like-minded people who had gone through the same experience. Not everyone has that. It is very unlikely Neo would have come into his full truth WITHOUT any of this support.

Anyway, back to the movie. Later on, Morpheus tells Neo they have strict rules on age in terms of "waking" people up. The mind has a difficult time understanding and letting go. Cyprus is the character that shows this to us.

This needs to be understood by those who have, for lack of a better term, and speaking metaphorically, woken up from The Matrix and at times spend time screaming at, badgering and otherwise insulting those who are still in the Matrix or have taken a step or two only to return. It's understandable, given this sense of urgency to WAKE UP NOW and DO SOMETHING NOW. However, letting our knowing sink in is a process. Some process quickly. Others more slowly. But eventually, we ALL come into our knowing. That being said, the knowing may not happen in one's lifetime. The demands of life interfere with this. Afterall, despite The Matrix being a very powerful movie full of some very deep insights into life, it's still a movie.

When it comes to the Matrix, there are a myriad of opinions on just what the matrix is and who is behind it. Some claim there is an alien/reptilian influence while others say that's simply nonsense. Some claim there's a God, others claim there's nothing while others claim it's again, alien influencing our thoughts. There's a general consensus that current politicies aim to create a One World Government. Some view that as something dark and sinister while others view it as a new awakening, a new age of enlightenment and peace. The result of such a thing is of course left up to the motivations and intentions of world leaders and more or less, to we the people and what we will and will not tolerate, all based on our desires, wants and needs and of course, our KNOWING the aforementioned.

Something tells me this post really makes no sense and is just a bunch of rambling. But I don't really care about making sense today or writing some brilliant put together piece. Purging ones mind is usually messy. And besides, the dryer just buzzed, letting me know my blankie is warm and dry, waiting to wrap itself around me so I can give my body and especially, my mind, a rest.

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