McCain's "Surprise" VP Choice: Tell Me Another One

Honestly, none of these folks are already pre-picked before you and I hear the names. Honestly.

So here we have this dude named John McCain. He's running for President. He's said to have been in search of a running mate for months. Last night, he meets with this chick from Alaska named Sarah Palin. He has a question for her. Would you like to be on the ticket as my Vice President?

Now here's the deal. Sarah's a mother of 5 little ones, including a newborn with special needs just having been born this past year. And yet, the very next day, she announces to the world that yes, she will accept McCain's offer.

I wouldn't even buy a piece of furniture that fast, let alone take a job. Common sense says I would have taken the time, like any normal human being, to discuss it over with my family. You know, go over those pesky details like moving across country, uprooting the kiddies from their schools, friends and all that they've ever known, not to mention buh-bye to their private life sans Secret Service Personnel, plus being in a position to possibly run the show if McCain is "elected" and if so, if the old dude doesn't survive. Plus, working out the details to ensure that precious newborn baby receives the care it is going to require.

And yet all of those details and questions, magically solved, in about 12 hours, minus hours for sleep.

And people say miracles don't happen.

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