John Edwards Sex Scandal: Some Clarification

So uh, let me get this straight. Some guy who was once a candidate for President got caught boinking another woman and CNN and other media outlets are all over the story, dumping all sorts of sensationalism and tabloid style journalism in the mix, making it the top news story of the day. And yet, Pseudo President George Bush and Real President Dick Cheney can invade a sovereign nation, bomb the hell out of it, lie to We The People about the reasons behind, and in turn they can proceed to rip apart the rules of law in the nation they are supposed to be representing, and engage in all sorts of other illegal activity such as warrantless wire taps, arrests without probable cause and torture tactics, not to mention the spending spree that is forcing our country in bankruptcy while they get richer, the economy that's in a nosedive, the growing wealth of corporations who receive massive tax subsidies for continuing the trend of shipping jobs overseas. And yet, this doesn't receive top news story coverage or in-depth coverage and analysis.

Ok, I get it. Now it all makes sense. Yes, the private life of John Edwards penis is oh so much more important to our security, well-being and health as a nation than all of those petty other things.

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Carrie said...

Well written article.