Internet Explorer Weirdness

Something's going on with Internet Explorer this evening. Someone(s)/thing(s) is blocking certain sites, including blogspot sites, from being accessible by IE. So upon suggestion from a friend earlier this evening, we installed Firefox. And hey, it rocks! I won't be using IE anymore.

Something to put in the "hmm" file, something that may be related to this or not...earlier in the week someone(s)/thing(s) attempted to hack into our system several times, repeatedly. An ISP search showed each ISP was out of China.

Are these folks feeling the mounting international pressure over the upcoming Olympics? They already heavily censor the internet over in their own neck of the woods. Are they trying to do the same thing here in the good 'ole US of A?

Who knows?

All I know is I have a cool new toy--a new means of browsing the net. New toys are always fun for awhile. That is until your neck starts to cramp constantly and your right hand (or whatever hand you use to mouse) gets that old man/old woman arthritic look to it. Then it's time to put the toy away, go get some chocolate ice cream and ask the spouse for a neck rub.

Good night all.

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