Man Distrusts Paper Money. Pays For Truck With Coins.

Well, he paid half with coins. Never the less, he's my kind of human. He sounds a bit like my late Uncle, who refused to get a credit card until he realized his ability to travel (something he loved to do) and rent a car was not going to happen unless he did. Maybe I'm holding on to his memory by refusing to buy a cell phone. Anyway, I had my first lesson in money, or of its reality I should say, when I was a child playing Monopoly with my parents. It suddenly dawned on me: monopoly money was no different than "real" money. Both were paper, both dyed with ink.

"Mama, what's the difference between your money and monopoly money? Why can't I spend this monopoly money on candy?" I don't remember her answer, but I do remember the look on her face. What's that saying today? "Priceless"?

That would make for a funny/ironic spot on the realities of money, plus a nice little dig on the credit card companies. Little Johnny and Susie are playing monopoly with mummy and daddy. Smiles are glued on everyone's faces, big popcorn bowls sit between the parents and children, glasses of lemonade with large, perfectly formed ice cubes placed beside each of them. TV Screen asks:

Cost of Monopoly Game? $15.

Cost of popcorn and lemonade? $8.

Cost of Johnny and Susie realizing there is no difference between monopoly money and the greenback? PRICELESS.

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