In Honor Of Yang Peiyi: The Real Singer At The Opening Olympic Ceremonies In Beijing

This doesn't classify as good enough? This adorable, precious child doesn't classify as pretty or presentable?

Major doses of shame on the big wigs of China's politburo for refusing to allow this beautiful child the right to sing this song for the world to see. This is ugly enough when we see the same types of narrowed focus aimed at adult women. But to do this to a child? The actions not only deplorable but those of individuals so narrow in their thinking, so full of prejudice, so lacking in the ability to see beauty from the heart and from an expanded perspective. As such, I honor this beautiful, immensely talented little girl, not only in this post, but forever more on my blog as my new avitar. Forever will your beauty reign, sweet girl!

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nolocontendere said...

A gold medal idiotic maneuver by very stupid people who now look worse in the world's eyes.