Giant Corporations Form Biofuel Alliance

With names like Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland, well, you just gots to know this gots to be a good thing, right??

Speaking of Ethanol, I recently had an e-mail discussion with local Representative Sara Gelser about my experience with this fuel. I shared with her how the Ethanol clogged our fuel filter, how our mechanic said we will have to replace it every 15,000 miles instead of the usual 40,000, how our car runs more sluggish now, how our fuel mileage has reduced by about 20%, how a representative from Honda Motor Company said Ethanol doesn't have the same BTU's as does regular gasoline and therefore, cars will run more sluggish, and how every single mechanic and gas station owner I have spoken with have had nothing positive to say about the fuel.

Giving credit where credit is due, Sara did look into this matter for me. In regards to my beef with Ethanol, she spoke with the Department of Agriculture about my concerns. Below is her analysis of their response. It's nothing but political speak and crafty dodging of my questions. But as I said, I give her credit for looking into it. Hopefully she'll realize the bullshit writing on the wall and own up to the fact that the Dept. of Ag. is like any other big government agency, full of spin, supported by rich lobbyists who bribe, buy and sell politicians at every level of government. You know, get some guts to go up against the big dudes.

Ah, I can dream, can't I?

Here's some portions of what the D of A had to say to Ms. G about my concerns over Ethanol. My comments are in brackets.

"I spoke with the Department of Agriculture. They told me that ethanol is approved in most vehicles manufactured after 1980-1982 [Wrong. From the information I've gathered, it is approved for vehicles manufactured from 1990 and beyond. Even Honda Motor Company said their vehicles made only from 1990 on were designed to run on an Ethanol mix of up to 15%. Apparently the D of A are also mechanics and mechanical engineers]. They sent a technician’s manual (I attached it for your reference) that states on page 16 that all post-1980 models should not experience problems with 10 percent ethanol [Should not? Or will not? Should implies the possibility that it MAY. And, apparently this sluggish engine, clogged filter and reduced gasoline mileage aren't considered a problem. Or hey, maybe I'm making the whole thing up! In fact, maybe we all are!]."

"The Department agreed with your mechanic and said that cars that experience performance problems after switching to E10 can benefit from a new fuel filter [Nice wording. Nice use of the word "benefit". Nice how they fail to acknowledge you must continuously replace the fuel filter every 15,000 after pumping the E10 into your vehicle.]. A faulty oxygen sensor may be at fault as well [Already had mine replaced.]. As you said, this places a financial burden on consumers who have to make these car improvements [So does this mean if the Ethanol hadn't been introduced, consumers wouldn't have to make these improvements??]. However, it is the Department’s contention that ethanol use does not necessarily cause these problems but simply that cars run best when in good repair [Doesn't necessarily? Again, doesn't that imply that it just MAY cause some problems? Uh huh. If this commentary isn't the epitomy of "it isn't US it's YOU", I don't know what is. So if your car suddenly doesn't run as well after you were forced to put E10 into it, it's probably YOUR fault, not ours.]."

Basically, the Oregon Department of Agriculture isn't going to own up to the problems being caused by Ethanol. They aren't going to be taking any responsiblity in the matter. While I really didn't expect anything to the contrary when I was informed Ms. Gesler would be speaking with the D of A, I don't like the blatant dismissal of my evidence.

Drop Ms. Gelser an e-mail and share your experience with Ethanol. Then tell her you support the use of Hemp and other environmentally friendly, sustainable means of powering our vehicles (and lives). Tell her you're aware of the blockages put forward by Big Oil and Big Energy. Tell her you're aware that we could already be living such a life now. Today. And tell her no more of the finger pointing by Big Biz and Big Government. The shoe of accountability is on their foot.

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