Late Night Musings

I was thinking how much time I use, or waste, depending upon how I look at it, sitting in this chair, pondering what fascinating things I can share in this little space. Probably too much time is used trying to jump-start the creative brain cells. Tonight was no exception, despite being artificially enhanced by peanut M & M's. (plug for Mars, Inc.)

Speaking of the artificially enhanced, if you've ever wondered just what in the world makes Rachel Ray so perky, it's caffeine. I read where she drinks at least 10 cups of coffee every day.

10 cups. How completely superficial of her. And all this time I thought she just had an amazing natural level of energy. Is nothing real anymore? Can I cry now? Geesh.

10 cups. I can't even imagine. I once had caffeine overdose on 3 cups of strong Irish coffee. True story. At the time I thought it was decaf. I will never forget the reaction I had. Horrible. Started off with a pounding heart, dizziness and a need to jump up and down repeatedly. Anyway, I don't "do" caffeine. Well, unless it's in peanut M & M's. But doing the wake up and chug down coffee is not my thing. Being wired/buzzed/whatever--not my thing. All of the buzzing of our modern world puts out enough energy for me to pick up on, I certainly don't need more of the buzzing racing through my blood. I know most of our culture is into that jolt first thing in the morning, but not me. Let me ease my way into the day with a bowl of oatmeal, whole grain english muffin and fruit. Starting no sooner than 10am.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a health nut, save for the peanut M & M's, although usually when I do the chocolate bit, it's organic dark chocolate. I rarely drink soda, rarely drink alcohol, although when I do, I'm a cheap drunk. One drink and I am good to go. I watch the MSG and avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague (stomp on the head to Donald Rumsfield and his Aspartame poison). I avoid corn syrup when I can afford it (and with the price of good quality bread, sans corn syrup, going for at least $3 a loaf, this is becoming more difficult TO avoid). I eat a lot of greens. In the summer I could live on grilled corn on the cob and watermelon.

I tend to be a picky eater at times too. I have a fairly small comfort zone in this regard, so trying new dishes is something I do with hesitancy. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, like when I tried seaweed in the form of a California Roll at Amotsu or however you spell that restaurant downtown. I was also tickled when I first tried saffron, although I quickly learned some people over-do it. And when they do, well, yikes on my taste buds and tummy. I remember the first time I ate authentic Indian food. I should have asked to be hooked up directly to the water fountain. Glasses of water were not sufficient in putting out the flame raging on my tongue.

Speaking of heat, I am so grateful relieved giving thanks to the gods and goddesses of nature that the sub-tropical 100 degree heat is G O N E. And hopefully never to return! I have a friend who lives down south, so days like this one aren't uncommon in her neck of the woods. She's on me now and then to move down there.

After this stretch of weather, that has been ruled out completely.

I cannot recall a time when the days were so hot and muggy only to be followed by evenings that were every bit as uncomfortable. When those wonderful, awesome thunder and lightening storms kicked in, we hung outside under the eaves, putting our legs out in order to let that cool refreshing rain wash over them. If the storm had been minus the lightening, I would have fully emersed myself in a full body rain dance.

Well, now that I've enlightened you all with the mundane, I'll finish up with something more punchy.

*If I have to endure the sight of another political ad, I'm going to, well I don't know what I'm going to do, my thought train is running on empty at this late hour, but trust me, I will do something.

*These assholes intent on war around the globe need to take their shit and exit our planet. They've lost the right to live here. Period. End of story on that.

*Above assholes can take their Corporate Monopolistic (Is that even a word? I've been using it a lot lately and I rather like it. It's catchy and it sounds sophisticated to my ears.) buddies with 'em.

*Let's start over again and provide everyone with an acre of land and a yurt.

*Let's eliminate the 40 hour work week, highly processed foods and fast food ANYTHING and instead create a lifestyle that is focused on connection and purposeful intent, which means fast fast fast go go go accomplish accomplish accomplish will go, to quote an SNL skit "buh bye", for one cannot truly connect with anyone and live with purposeful intent on high speed. I mean honest to god, I know I gripe about this at times in this space, but really, it is quite insane to me that the fast-paced antics of modern living are so embraced, and done by so many, day in and day out. I really don't understand this one. Nor do I want to. The world's in a state of panic and hyper-speed and adding in caffeine to the mix to keep up is not healthy or sustainable.

Ditch the coffee.

Ditch the multi-tasking.

Slow down.

Breathe. From the diaphragm.

And dance naked in the rain now and then. It'll do ya a world of good.


Pugs in Space said...

Where do I sign up for my yurt and one acre! I am soooo there! This weather is delicious isn't it?!

crallspace said...

I've gone a few weeks w/out coffee, whereas I used to drink it EVERY single morning.

I've been brewing up the mint tea like crazy, so maybe that's the substitute.

I don't crave coffee, maybe from the heat we just got over, but I'll not think upon it too much. That often brings temptation back.