What Defines A Leader

I was inspired to post this again after reading some of the Letters to the Editor in the Corvallis Gazette-Times. The McCain and Obama supporters have dug in their heels and are at it for another round of political bickering 101. Upon realizing we have yet again :::sigh::: another Presidential Election Season where only the controlling (monopoly, anyone?) two-party system candidates are receiving all of the attention (both by the MSM and the American People), it's time to ask voters to take a step back from their political labels and think about the term "Leader". What is a leader? Don't we want a President to reflect the traits of a leader? I'm sure we can all answer in the affirmative to that. As such, the following is something I wrote about 8 years ago, something I post from time to time when major political elections are underway. Hopefully, someday, We The People will actually elect folks who display these traits. I'm ready for a new day. Aren't you?

1) Excellent Communication skills. The ability to express oneself articulately in such a manner so that the listener understands what is being said.

2) Thoughtfulness. The ability to think an idea through carefully before forming an opinion. This requires the ability to see all sides of an issue; realizing life is a myriad of shades other than just black and white.

3) Listening skills. The ability to put aside one’s own agenda in order to hear differing opinions.
4) Cooperation. This trait allows for one to see the people of our world as an “US” rather than an “US vs. THEM”.

5) Flexibility. This allows for one to realize that life is rarely certain. Opinions and agendas at times must change in order to accommodate such uncertainty.

6) Humbleness. This allows for one to recognize his/her own flaws, own up to them, and to take responsibility for his/her own words, behavior and choices.

7) Loyalty. This trait reminds the individual who they were elected to represent and to never let outside interests sway them from that truth.

8) Gratitude. This allows for one to truly appreciate, honor and respect the incredible role they have been elected to serve.

These are just a few traits. As you sit down to mark your ballots, my hope is that you read through this list and ask yourself if the candidate of your choice has such traits.

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