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That isn't a computer term. That's me saying you're in for more streaming of consciousness. Well, perhaps not streaming per say. More like "this is what's on my mind at the moment and here ya go". Also another way of saying "me no have any idea on what to title this."

So the other day, it was a warm one and I had on a tank top. Sans bra. I don't really need to wear one (contrary to what popular culture would have us think)....meaning that I don't need them for support cause I'm not large chested and since that being the case, I figure why bother? I have always found them to be constricting and besides, by nature I'm a non-conformist, my inner self always mischievously looking for ways to push the social buttons of society. (Now how cool is this? I'm using my Mozilla browser--and whenever I mistype a word, the browser very nicely lets me know I've made a typo. Not only that, they give me a list of correctly spelled, similar-looking words from which to choose. I tell ya, thumbs up for Mozilla!)

Back to my point. Boobs and bras. So I had on a tank, letting myself flow freely. My spouse points out that he can see my, ssh, shock shock, nipples. I shot him a look, a combination look, which said "uh huh and your point being?" and "oh god, here we go again...." As liberal and progressive as he is, he's got this thing about, well, my nipples showing in public. And despite me purposely getting my nipples to show through a bra (which is apparently ok with him because at least I'm making the effort to hide them), he still points it out to me now and then, especially if he sees people staring at me.

So let them stare. It isn't like I'm shoving my chest in their faces and saying "SEEEEE MY NIPPLES AREN'T THEY PRETTY!!!" I liken it to people who have piercings or tattoos or two guys or two girls kissing in public or other things considered "out of the norm" of modern day puritanical white bread american. Being free doesn't mean being free from being offended.

Now if we're at the Country Fair and women are not only going braless but topless, that's ok. Why? It's in an "approved" environment.

When I've pointed out men who have on tight tanks, nipples showing, well that's different. Why? "They have no breasts." Oh please they do too, they're just flat. I mean isn't a nipple a nipple? It is according to the voices I have in my mind. And if he's reading this, remember your quote to me, my love: "I do what the voices in my wife's head tell me to do."

We watched the opening ceremonies last night. I wept throughout. I wept because of the potential for peace and harmony is right there within our grasps. I wept as I saw the beautiful people of China giving it their all to the world. I wept as I witnessed the spectacular artistic expressions, the fluidity of the dances, the movements, the creation of beautiful scenes on gigantic canvases using nothing fancy, just the human body and some paint. And those scrolls. The amazing use of scrolls. I wept as I saw the faces of the children, their eyes full of hope.

And then they had to show some shots of Bush and Putin, the Prez of China (name slips my memory) and others and then I felt the anger rise. It's because of bastards like these that peace has continued to be so damn hard to obtain. Bastards like this who can't keep their noses out of other people's rights and freedoms. Bastards like this who think they're some chosen select crowd with the right to dictate how other people should live, eat, breathe, think, speak, etc. etc. I mean really, aren't we weary of their diatribe, of their controlling ways? Don't you think a good idea would be to shoot their asses into that Olympic torch so we could get to work creating peace, without their dark influence?

I received our electric bill today. On the back it showed someone obviously lying on a couch, their foot hanging over the side. The quote next to it went something like "Even when you're doing nothing, you're still leaving a carbon footprint." The latest in "green" marketing: "Guilt Advertising." As much as I support living in respect to ones surroundings, I can't begin to express how tired I've become of hearing the term "carbon footprint".

I've grown weary of large energy corporations telling me I need to change the way I live while they continue to control how we power our lives with their backwards, polluting, destructive bullshit means: coal and oil. Oh but wait, they may say. We're now slowly offering more environmentally friendly, sustainable energy sources. Sorry. It isn't enough. Your CEO Empires at the top know we could have had FREE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY by now--FOR EVERY ONE OF US. Why just recently we watched a program on the History Channel on this very subject. A group of scientists showed a model they built based on Tesla's original drawings. It was 30' diameter, 12' tall, with the four pilons surrounding it. When turned on, it generated 12 MILLION volts of electricity, drawn completely from the surrounding air. They're seeking funds to build one that will be over 400' tall. Isn't that awesome???

I wish them lots of luck and send them lots of positive energy. Big Oil and Big Coal will put up a stink from allowing that to happen unless they figure out a way to get their greedy little hands in the mix, which means buh bye to the little energy producers and hello Big Energy. Sure, it may be green but it will still remain in the hands of the Big Dudes.

We were given the Sun, the Wind, the Ocean, Hemp. We were also given Tesla. Let's create sustainable capitalism with these methods. Let's open up the market so that it is, for once, truly free, where the small group of people with the latest ideas aren't forced out of the market or bought out by some large entity who believes the cookies on the table all belong to them and them alone.

Speaking of the above comment about being "bought out", our neighbor is a PhD student. He was telling us of some of things he's seen as someone who is in research. It isn't uncommon for someone to have a new idea that would offer up competition for the status quo be bought out and/or forced out by some large corporate entity. That's not to say people should sit back and not pursue that idea of theirs. Just to say that if your idea isn't mainstream and offers competition to the powers that be, you may be in for battle.

Dogs are just the best, aren't they?

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crallspace said...

While 'carbon footprint' and 'go green' are obnoxious terms, they do penetrate the consciousness (slowly, maybe) of Joe Q. McMoron occasionally.

But yeah, it is ironic that the enegy pigs are giving us the marching points on toning down our impact.