Who Do You Think You Are?

An interesting little snippet from David Icke's weekly newsletter. Oh how I wish I had a mentor like him growing up, especially during those times as I grew older when I was asked my religious affiliation, my political party.... I always wanted to say "I don't know--I just AM/I just Believe". It felt smothering to have to define myself. And oh those times when some authority figure demanded, "just who do you think you are?!" Uh, ME?

Often I could see something beneficial in all sides. I would watch people argue, debate, my mind going back and forth absorbing it all while somewhere deep within I could see each person's perspective. Ten years ago, one of the most common things I was labeled was a "fence sitter" and I realize I have become less of one today. I find this bothersome and have realized that I need to embrace more that state of mind I once had.

We know that the System puts immense pressure on us to define ourselves with terms, labels, words. While I think it's rather silly to deny our humanness (since "i am human" is indeed part of our experience) and to reject the concept of a self-identity (since it is indeed possible to embrace the connection of all life and still hold personal truths), it is refreshing at times to just simply say "I Just Am" or "It Just Is". Gives the mind a break, the heart a chance to open up and peace room to grow.

This theme of ‘residual self image’ and the ‘mental projection of your digital self’ operates on many levels and represents the most powerful form of self-delusion and, thus, self-enslavement. It is the illusory state that I call ‘self-identity’ – the reality filter that controls the lives of billions because they don’t realise that the biggest manipulator of their reality is themselves.

I once wrote that anyone who could put a name to what they believe is in a box because everything just is; we all just are. We are not Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or atheists. These are just the labels of a bewildered mind. You cannot label the force with no name. It just is and we just are.

I will go further. Anyone with a self-identity is in a state of self-delusion and self-denial – the denial of who and what they really are. Self image immediately transfers our point of observation from the all to the small. It is the box-builder, the guard at the door to infinity. And by self-image I mean any self-image – I am a man; I am a woman; I am white; I am black; I am a Muslim; I am a Jew; I am good; I am bad; I am lucky; I am unlucky; I am rich; I am poor; I am loving; I am hateful. Even ‘I am human’ is a self-identity because ‘human’ is a software program – a manifestation of what I call ‘body consciousness’.

We are not human – our vehicle is. All of these fake identities are the fault lines that fracture infinity into illusory ‘parts’. And they fracture people and peoples across the world.

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