A Multitude of Rants

Hey local employers: NEWSFLASH. This isn't Mexico. This is an english speaking country and this english speaking AMERICAN is fucking tired of your bilingual bullshit requirements. Quit kissing the ass of people who are too damn fucking lazy to learn the language of the country that has allowed them to enter and remember those folks who were HERE FIRST and who NEED employment as well.

ABC/Disney: Hey fucktards. Who in the fuck do you think you are banning Dennis Kucinich from the debates? He really must scare you that much, eh? Fucking piss ant cowards that you are. He challenges the status quo. He's the only real candidate who is for the people. Who relates to the people. Who challenges the stranglehold you have over our news and information. Why can't you get your dicks and tits in line and stop cowering behind your mcmansion's and your mclimo's in fear and GET REAL. Let the guy debate. You obviously don't understand the term "debate" for if you did, you would KNOW that OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS make up a debate. All you're doing is pandering to the pitiful puppets who, aside from their skin color and genitals and hairstyle, sound pretty much the same. You're only serving to make yourself look all the more foolish and pathetic. Of course I guess when you're a scum sucking lying greedy elitist thief, you simply are no longer capable of caring. That's ok. Karma applies to us all. You can hide from the people, but you can't hide from You Know Who.

Hey Mike Moore: Dude, where's your brain?! Come on, Mike. You write this awesome letter and then e-mail it out to us all, describing your thoughts on the presidential race, your apathy. You then go on to talk about Kucinich and how he is the only candidate with whom you most resonate. Yahoo! I'm cheering you on, dude. I'm cheering you on. But then I read your follow up statement about how Kucinich simply doesn't have a chance of being elected. What the fuck prompted you to say that? Don't you know that millions of people actually look TO you to see for whom to vote? Yeah, kind of a scary, sad thought, isn't it? I don't happen to be one of them, but then, not everyone is like me. Wise and very insightful and perceptive into human behavior, intention and motivation. (If only I would have been paid for my insights over the years, I would have alloted quite the amount of wealth. But I digress...) You reach a lot of people on a regular basis. Why not encourage people to vote for whom they want instead of who you believe to be the most electable? Of course, I have to remember that you like Hillary and think she's one hot rockin' feminist (which tells me you haven't a clue as to what a real feminist is--Hillary is anything but a feminist--she's a global elitist who doesn't give a crap about anything but power). And need I remind you that she recently accounced that once she is Mz. Prez, she's gonna ship Billary and Bush overseas to do a little PR work, help clean up our tainted image. That's kind of like trying to put out a fire with gasoline, don'tcha think?

Onto my next rant...

Tires. Don't expect to find any made here in American anymore. In fact, according to the folks at Les Schwab, there are only 2 plants here in the states remaining and one is getting in line to go overseas as well. (The one remaining plant ships most of their tires overseas). Tires are all now made and imported from the other America. China, of course. ChinAmerica. Ain't it great? Ain't it a beautiful picture this corporate globalization is painting? All allowed because of the ongoing process of deregulation, whereby Uncle Sam thinks they can trust corporations, give them carte blanche freedom and lots of welfare checks whilst they can't trust any of us to board a plane, buy a house, apply for a job, order a pizza, etc. etc. without asking for some sort of identification, blood or urine sample, finger prints, retina scan, anal probe, etc. etc. Yeah, let's trust the boardroom executive to lay off employees, cut salaries and benefits, ship job overseas whilst hiring needy individuals, working them 15 hours a day for a buck a day, all while he continues to pad his portfolio...but let's put cookie-baking, anti-war demonstrator granny on a watch list. Let's NOT trust her.

Makes perfect sense to me! Onto the next rant...

Scardy cat parents. You know who you are. You are part of this new generation of parents who are afraid of your children. You let them run wild whilst you watch them from a distance, saying repeatedly over and over and over and over and over again "johnny, mommy said no." Question: How's this workin' for ya?? You wanna know what Johnny is thinking during this little situation? "Mommy says no no no no no no no no no". That's it. There's no follow up. The word "No" is as ineffective as saying something like, oh, "tree" or "badda bing" because there is no consequence attached if the "no" is not respected. Oh sure, there's the occasional threat or hint of consequences, but never any follow up. While I believe in encouraging children to be free thinking, acting, doing individuals, my god, they need SOME limitations to their actions. Especially when they're in a public place and your utter lack of parental authority is allowing your little one to throw goldfish crackers at my feet while running around banging on tire rims squealing at the top of his lungs..........

My last one. An ongoing rant, issue, with yours truly. Businesses utter lack of concern over the price of items. I've become sick and tired of paying the same damn price for, well, anything and everything as some elitist, wealthy fucktard. Got that? I finally addressed this today with a local business. I did so very politely. And yet I received a look unlike any other I've been given. And trust me, with the ideas I have, I've been given a lot of looks. This one though topped the cake. The reply was brief and kind of lingered in the air... "Uh, hmmm, well we don't offer that sort of thing."

Well you should. In fact, if those people I addressed in my above rants would at least consider my thoughts, just some of them, even one or two, we may just be onto something quite positive.


nolocontendere said...

Right On Sister. What gets me fuming is having to choose english when you call a business. Now, sure, a lot of people would be more comfotable and eloquent speaking in spanish, but keep english the default language and make them choose spanish!

nina said...

I forgot to add in that one, too--having to SELECT english on the phone. As you said, keep english the official, recognized language and let them or anyone else CHOOSE spanish. It's another way to weed out employees. And need I even say that people coming in from Mexico receive FREE english speaking classes? And yet I can't receive free Spanish speaking classes?

Fucked up sitch for certain.