2008 In America Ain't So Great

I did something I should have done years ago. I shredded my voter's registration card. That's right. I'm done with the whole election process, the fraud, the lies. Whoever wins has already been selected, although I have a feeling the powers that be have in mind 2-4 candidates who would continue the agenda in place. Hint: whoever the MSM ignores is who YOU NEED to pay attention to and cast your vote for. But I know people aren't going to do that. At least not the majority.

So I throw in the towel. I'm done trying to convince people to vote for who they WANT instead of who they think is electable. It's futile and pointless.

I've also shredded my thoughts on the illusion of the american dream, at least in terms of that scenario being the key to happiness and that without it, you will live a life of crappy despair and jealousy. It was never created to make room for everyone to obtain it. Hence that is why I love to tell those who preach "everyone can be rich!" "think this planet could sustain the lifestyle of 6 plus billion oprah's/bill gates/clinton's/edwards?" No? Well don't you think we each have the right to live in such a way? If that answer is no, you need to ask yourself why, ask yourself why you think some are more deserving than others. In that, right there, you will find the crux of our social ills.

Other nations, where the people are actually (more) the priority of elected officials, where corporate policies haven't raped the land and the well-being of the average worker, continue to become much more attractive to me.

The local energy assistance federal program is out of money already. The state program has had no funds at all. Interesting note on the state program, which is funded solely on donations--the middle income sector is where the vast majority of donations come from. Interesting it is to me that the elite obviously aren't stepping up to the plate and sending in an extra few dollars with their electric payments given, as Mr. Nina said, "the middle income persons are now in our boat". Ok, interesting isn't the word I'm looking for. Disgusting to a level my mind cannot wrap itself around is more like it. These greedy cocksuckers need to be prepared for the time when those without and who continue to go without may just start taking some of that wealth back. Who in the fuck are they to say they are more worthy? Who in the fuck are they to say those without do not work every bit as hard?

People toss around the word "civil war" and have it aimed at the political scene. I'd say a more likely scenario would be aimed at the rich. People can only be pushed around for so long. People can only be told "sorry, no" for so long. As for myself, the thought of war for any reason repels me and despite my online vents and rants, in my heart I am much more inclined to support conflict resolution and mediation for such things. That being said, I do understand the intentions, at times, behind such actions.

And try and get any sort of credit these days. Next to impossible unless you have a living wage paying job and a home and that perfect credit score. And god forbid you have a blemish on your credit report, for whatever reason, great or small. Those fucking reports are so biased. Your credit rating drops when you pay off that statement every month or when you make much more than the minimum payment (which is what we do). I had a discussion with some idiot with our credit card company, after being on hold for 25 fucking minutes. A discussion on home ownership. She asked if we owned or rented. At first I asked why she needed to know that information.

"We just do, ma'am."

I said "No one owns a home until and unless they have the deed. Until then, you're merely a renter, paying the bank every month to live in your home while making that bank ultra rich by paying ridiculous amounts of interest on top of the payment. And they have the right to toss you out or demand payment in full."

Ma'am, I merely asked if you owned or rented.

I know. I just thought I'd give you a little reality check is all.

Speaking of the banks....I noticed some interesting conditions with our savings account. They can hold the money for any reason, they can close the account for any reason, they can require us to give them 7 days notice if we decide to withdraw any amount, they may enact fees whenever they wish. I had never read the disclosure manifesto's before with any other bank and decided to with this one. Naturally I told them I did not like some of their conditions and asked them to explain some of them, which of course they couldn't.

It is as it is.

I want to know this: when will it be "it is as it is" for me?

Isn't it funny how our society dismisses those who question? Isn't it unfortunate we try and quiet or insult those who question the System, who wish for something else? What is wrong with having a variety of ways in which to live? Needs are a very personal, individual thing. Don't you think we each have the inherent right to live a life in a way that works for who we are and that meets our needs?

Of course we do. And here it is, 2008, and we have yet to "get" that.

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