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one of the many beautiful sunsets we were given

The Mr. and I are back from a much needed mini winter escape to the coast. With each visit to our beautiful coast, I leave with a longing to return permanently. There is something about the ocean that calms and centers me like nothing else. And need I say sleeping with the gentle roar of the ocean in the background? Amazing slumber.

I did find out some rather sad news. A very good friend of mine from high school and college days mother died earlier in the month. I spent a lot of time at their home and yet, after reading her obituary, I realized I knew little about my friend's mom. I wonder if this lack of a desire as kids to know about the adults in our lives is something that is hard-wired into it. Or perhaps it's societal. Maybe a bit of both. I tend to believe it's more of a nurture instead of a nature issue. Anyway, it put me into a very reflective mood where I just desired to spend some time alone, thinking about a variety of things, but mostly reflecting on my friend's mom's life. The memories I have of her. And this need to apologize for being a teenager.

While I normally don't like to discuss the weather, I will say DAMN it was cold over there. Certainly when that east wind blew. It made for quick walks on the beach, where bundling up took on new meaning. The sunsets were spectacular and I mean that in every sense of the word. Two mornings we were up (briefly) around 4:30ish am in order to catch the moon setting over the ocean. The reflection of the light coming from the moon created ripples of light dancing over the sea that seemed, well, alive. I have never seen anything like this... Wow. Hauling my slumbering sleepy self out of bed at this hour was certainly worth it.

As I typically do when I gaze out at the ocean, I felt a sense of safety, security wrapped up in awe. I didn't feel that dread, that chaos that I often feel in daily life. Is it a false illusion of security that the ocean seems to provide? I don't know. All I know is when I look out at the sea, out into that seemingly never-ending vastness, I have a very difficult time thinking there is so much darkness happening in the world. How can that be with so much beauty right in front of me? With so much magic and mystery? Our ocean. An entire world, most of it unknown. I like to imagine what's out there. Who is out there. What life forms exist, at what level of awareness. Are they aware of us? If so do they hate us? Ignore us? Love us?

People say we are killing the ocean. Yes, we are certainly destroying so many of the life forms that rely on the ocean for survival. A grave sin, indeed. And yet, the ocean will consume us far before we humans would ever consume her.

This time around, as I did my gazing, I felt a sadness that I haven't felt before. Was it for me? Or was it for the world? Was it because this visit, I have acquired more experience, more insight. And as such, I believe I am stronger and more confident in my visions for a different world. And the sadness, likely, comes from this difficulty in grasping why there seems to be resistance to change of any kind.

And yet, all I have to do is remember how humans are. Change is something we resist until we can resist it no more. And who in their right mind wants to dive into the mess that the System has created? Who wants to swim down that hole? At least those are the questions the mind asks. The heart knows of a different answer. And it's getting to that space that is what is needed before a new vision can appear. I heard one such man on the radio this morning that I can only hope will aquire some of that new vision before he departs.

The topic was the constitution, the bill of rights, government spying and the 2007 homeland security/homegrown terrorist (I cannot recall the full name), which is still awaiting passage. A very dangerous piece of legislation in that it can prosecute and label someone a terrorist for even talking about creating social change. In other words, Martin Luther King, Jr. could have been arrested and prosecuted for his agenda. (Of course, instead, he was shot and killed for them, but I digress.)

Anyway, this caller, this man, phoned in and was accusing the hosts of whining and fearing over nothing. Here are some of the snapshots of this man's opinions.

"If you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear."

"When has the government spied on you?"

"If you're part of the lazy, worthless rabble that doesn't work, you don't have the right to vote." (When questioned if those who can't work due to disabilities, etc. should not have the right to vote either, he hesistated and said, rather defensively, "Yes!" I'd like to see him state that opinion at a Veteran's Rally.)

"I want the government to have the right to spy, but I don't want to pay for it." (When asked if he thought the NSA, etc. should be a volunteer agency, he had no response.)

"Corporations haven't negatively impacted my life."

And this one, which sums up his way of thinking. When asked if he thought Senator McCarthy was a good man, he didn't hesitate to say "Yep, I do."

I wonder if this man ever looks out at the ocean in reflection. I wonder if he can quiet his mind chatter long enough to listen to the words of his heart. To remember what we all long for. Love. Peace. While those words became just that during the 1960's, simply words used by hippies and people with long hair and joints in their hands, it is my wish they take on new meaning today by inviting people to remember what they really truly deeply mean, from the place that matters most. The heart.

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tkn said...

I love the ocean too. A big part of why I love surfing is just sitting out there in the swells (not actually surfing) and feeling miniscule and yet, connected to the vast whole. Also the mystery (what lurks beneath) and of course, the fun of catching a wave.

That guy's problem is he's never quieted his mind for a second.

We make jokes about hippies with joints, but the fact for me is, the first time I ever partook of the sacred herb, I realized (with glee) what the hippies were about (peace and love) and how relative our perception and assumptions really are (why not seek peace and love over rage and ruin?).

Beautiful words Nina. I love reading your blog.