Pathetic Attempt At Comedy: Kip Schoning Video

Oh so sad.

The only differences between our local elitist and the rest of these ethical, moral bottom feeders is that our local boy has no scruples and keeps his greed public (not to mention his uh, wardrobe choices) while the rest keep themselves hidden. And have a modicum of intelligence/tact.

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Anonymous said...

It would take someone like Kip Schoning to get on stage and tell a joke where, as he says "a little boy" has sex with a prostitute. Then be totally clueless about the audiences reaction.

Here is a hint, Kip, a story about a "little boy", any little boy, having sex is gross. The "joke" was just plain pathetic. Another example of how you like the sound of you own voice, no matter waht you are spewing. You don't even listen to yourself. Here is a suggestion, maybe try to tell this same "joke" and put the faces of your own wife and kids into it. Are you still amused?