State Of The Union: "Peace Is War"

At 12 minutes into the speech, I decided to give it a visit. As I turned on the television, the first three words I heard were "peace and war". Those of us who speak Orwellian know what that really means is "peace is war".

Interesting way to dive into a speech as a listener.

Next, I observed Cheney and Pelosi. Pelosi seemed to be leaning to her right, which put her almost directly behind Bush at times. Was she doing this to hide from her likely pissed-off constituents, pissed-off because of the lack of balls and tits she and the Democrats have shown the past year?

Then there was Cheney, looking bored and aloof as usual, likely thinking, "Sigh...ok so we retire WHEN again? Damn. Can't wait to live off of my billions earned as a result of the war. Hmmm. Thankfully this is the last damn speech I have to write and approve before this twithead leaves."

Here are some highlights, along with my commentary.

"Wages are up."

Yes, these words were spoken and in and of themselves, they aren't altogether a lie. Wages are indeed up. For the highest income earners. For the rest, wages have stagnated. And for those who have seen increases in the middle and lower incomes, well, does 1% really count for much? Technically speaking, wages are up. But one must define what "up" means. If "up" means "pathetic amount for most", then yes, wages are indeed up.

"151 wasteful programs will be cut."

Can't wait to see which programs these are. We know it won't be any program that stops these tax cuts and handouts for the corporations or wealthiest.

"American families have to balance their budgets and so should the federal government."

One of the most laughable statements said all night. He received a wealth of applause on that one as well. Apparently none give serious attention to the balance sheet on this war on "terror".

When it was announced that "health care needs to be made more affordable", the cameras zeroed right in on Hillary, who was clapping.

Of course she was. Her plan will require us to buy into a plan, making it like auto insurance. If you opt out and she finds out, she will show up on your door personally and present you with a ticket.

We must get rid of these "junk medical lawsuits."

Ah yes. Too damn many of us have been victims of a failing health care system and when we choose to sue for damages, our suits are called "junk". God forbid we actually regulate the industry instead so that doctors can cut off those shackles as put there by the insurance industry.

It is now 10 minutes into the speech. May I have a drink now? Or access to the puke bucket? Nope, I'm cookin' dinner and need to stay straight. Throwing up is not a pleasant option either. Onward and upward...

"Clean energy. Coal plants which capture carbon emissions. Nuclear plants which are emission free. Renewable fuels and batteries."

Ugh. Coal, nuclear, same ole' same 'ole. Dirty no matter what you do to these facilities. And these renewable fuels are proving to be a disaster considering we are turning much-needed food crops into crops for fuel. BAD IDEA. What about solar? Wind? Ocean water? Oh, how silly of me to have forgotten. Bush and Company and Congress aren't invested in these folks. Perhaps we need a new slogan. Instead of saying "it's all about the benjamins", let's instead say "it's all about the oil".

"We need judges who know that the constitution means what it says."

Number two on the most laughable statement of the evening. I think what he really meant by that was, "Judges who know what the constitution means so that they can ignore it." Kinda like the statement, "Know what the rules are so that when the time comes to break them, you know what you're getting into."

"Value all human life."

Said in terms of stem cell research. What he means is value all human life unless taking that life will allow us to invade country number 27. And on and on and on...

The speech finally came to an end, whereby Mr. Bush walked through the aisles, signing autographs for members of both parties. I wasn't paying too much attention at this point, well ok, I stopped paying attention about 15 minutes into the speech, but something one of the people on the left said to Bush as they shook hands, who according to PBS, the left was the democrat side, well, perked up my listening ears. "We'll try and reign Hillary in."

I don't know what that meant. I don't know the intention. I am and was too tired to even try and figure it out, so I will leave it up to you.

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tkn said...

I totally avoided the speech. I think I made the right call. The guy has zero, yes ZERO credibility in my book and I don't waste my time listening to him. Thanks for the insight.