Imagine If There Were No Savior...Or God

John Lennon was on to something when he sang "Imagine there's no heaven..." "No hell below us..." "And no religion, too."

What would the world look like if we didn't worship a savior, or a god for that matter. How would we live? How would we interact with one another?

The past many years have been interesting to me, in terms of religion and church. Having escaped what I call to be the confines of the church, I have given myself the time and freedom to look within and discover what I believe, think, feel. While I grew comfortable with the idea that Jesus was either a myth or was simply a human like you and I, who mirrored a new potential, our true potential, who was a John Lennon of his time, promoting peace and love and all of the concepts and behaviors that fall under that umbrella, and like so many other like-minded souls, was killed for his beliefs, but then someone(s) got the idea to form a business around his model, put him on a pedestal (which he never wanted), then set out to control the masses by labeling him "Savior" and therefore, scaring people into coming to their business on a regular basis with fears of hell and damnation...asking (through guilt tactics and other forms of coercion) for money....while that rolled around in my mind and I grew to become at peace with it, I next began playing around with the idea that there is no separate, individual entity called "god", but instead, there is just you and I and all other life forms, all connected in an eternal way, all part of Life Eternal. The Creative Force, that Force which makes up the sum of the parts. (One day, a couple of years ago, as I meditated on the concept of god, and if there was this separate entity, the phrase "the sum of the parts" came to me and it simply felt right.) And to worship that, to honor that, is to worship and honor one another. And any guidance we felt we receive or experience and label it divine, is really just coming from within, manifesting on the without, with help now and then from other life forms, both here in physical reality and not.

It's an interesting concept, you must admit. Scary too in a way, for it means the responsibility of life falls into our individual laps, meaning self-responsibility AND responsibility for one another. In thinking this way, we can't blame God anymore. We can't walk away from someone in need and say "God will take care of it."

Imagine if this were true. Wouldn't we be more apt to treat one another better? Wouldn't we become more outspoken, more active in creating social change? If we knew it was just us, wouldn't we be less resistant to change, especially change that lifted us out of fear and into love? And probably most importantly, wouldn't we treat ourselves better, talk to ourselves with respect and love and kindness? After all, true change, true evolvement into Love comes from within first so that we can share that Love in its purest form with the world.

I realize such thoughts would have many, if not most, labeling me as a, at the very least, blasphemer, at most, the by-product of satan. But as I once told a very religious family member, when my body gives out, I would rather spend my "time" with other soul forms who believe as I do than to spend eternity with ANY soul form who supports the basic fearful, dogmatic, judgmental tenets of modern religion.


tkn said...

I call it the Great Singularity. The totality of all existence/phenomena. In addition to the sum of all parts.

great post.

I was reminded of the "free hugs" movement that's been going around. There was this girl in Korea holding a free hugs sign and we hugged. I thought it might have made it to YouTube but couldn't find it.

nina said...

I like that. The great singularity. It would be cool if we as a race of people would just give that creative life force such a simple, benign term. Something that covers everything. And understand it as that.