Thanks Anyway, Dennis Kucinich

Most may have heard already that Kucinich has announced he will be dropping out of the presidential race. We were certainly disappointed with his decision. In the last election, he hung in there until the end.

That being said, I can say I understand his decision. His message was anything but respected, let alone heard. The Media made him appear as though he is a little dwarf of a man with little brain power. Insignificant, is what they made him out to be. And if that isn't bad enough, so many of these supposed "wake up america" websites, such as rense, alex jones, david icke and out there tv didn't do squat to shine any light on this insightful man. Their focus has been solely on Ron Paul, the pro-life nut. (Anyone see him speak at the March for Life Rally earlier this week? Yikes. His abortion viewpoint is indeed militant. Doesn't matter if you've been raped. You's a gonna keep that fetus through to the end no matter what. He claims to want the States making this decision, but his real agenda comes through loud and clear during such speeches. He wants abortion ended, period. End of story). How ridiculous of these sites to be so narrow minded. How dare they fail to see what Dennis has worked so hard for, what he stands for. How dare they ignore his message just like the MSM has done. Here these folks spout words like "impeachment". Here these sites spout off endlessly about the crimes (they say were) committed by Bush, Cheney et al, and yet Kucinich is and was the ONLY CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT who not only supported impeachment, he introduced legislation to look into the matter.

And so now, those of us who believe in freedom, who believe in peace, who believe in possibility, who believe in a government that works for the people, who believe Nafta and the WTO has been a nightmare, who see the banking industry for what it really is, who believe deregulation has been the corporate world's best friend while becoming a true enemy of the worker, who believe learning skills such as conflict resolution is a good thing, who believe if two adults wish to marry, they have that right to do so, who believe all people have the fundamental right to housing, health care, education, food and water and that income should have absolutely no bearing on any of this........basically those of us who have a growing understanding of what love in action really looks like are now without a voice once again.

What a sad day this is.


Spiritbear said...

I guess I will support Obama now. I believe he is the lesser of 3 evils.

Theres always Mike Gravel. Not sure if he has dropped out.

I think after 8 years of whomever we get perhaps Kucinich will return and people will appreciate him. We can only hope

Jackson Howa said...

I was so sad when I heard about this... Who do I vote for now?

Gravel, while awesome, is far too old and crazy...

Obama? Maybe Edwards?

I just don't know anymore.

nina said...

If I vote, I've decided I will simply write in Kucinich. I cannot vote for someone anymore simply because they are the lesser of the 3 or 4 other "ugh" puppets. Kucinich stood out and resonated with folks like us because he really is against the current status quo and happens to have real concern for the people. My spouse and I met him in 2004 and he cried with us. He's the real deal and as such, I will not pull back my support and pass it on to someone else simply because he's no longer in the race.

That being said, I can understand the question of "what now?"

Sigh. Some days I simply don't understand why things are the way they are.

tkn said...

I'm fairly confident that Oregon will go blue again this time around, whoever it happens to be. I like the idea of writing in Kucinich, unless Nader runs again, in which case, I'll be voting for him.

In the meantime, I think we Oregonians should focus on the primaries for the selection of who's going to run against Gordon Smith for Senate. This could be pretty big.