Those In Poverty Still Suffering From Last Recession

Well, apparently the poor are still struggling from the last recession.

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters)--"Many of the poorest people in the United States are still struggling to recover from the effects of a recession that ended six years ago, making them very vulnerable as the country stands on the brink of a new downturn."

What else is there to say about that other than DUH.

I could add that the middle income earners are struggling every bit as much too, but why bother? The entire economy and economic factors are controlled and manipulated, with the rosy picture mentality always exagerrated. Who really is doing better economically than they were 6 years ago? Uh huh. The elite. Frankly, I don't believe we ever recovered from the last recession. And I'm pretty sure the average American worker would concur with that opinion.

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