Economy Is In The Toilet

And we're all nothing but a growing bunch of sewer rats.

No links in this post. Look it up for yourself. If you're still on the bandwagon of "the economy is growing", you're suffering from a massive case of delusion. A visit to the doctor, or the local welfare office, is in immediate order. Oh yeah, and a permanent vacation away from the MSM.

I once had an employment department tell me that when government's release the unemployment numbers, we are to, at least, double those figures. In today's world, we have a new term to add to the equation, the under-employed. That's where a large percentage of workers are today. Underpaid. Overworked. Benefits, largely a thing of the past. Working for the man/the woman whose only objective is to obtain as much money as quickly as possible while violating the moral code(s) of respect.

We all know about NAFTA and how that has encouraged companies to do biz overseas, leaving american's empty-handed, alone in the dark, scrambling to find ANY job that doesn't require one to ask "want fries with that?"

We all know about the credit and mortgage disaster being played out in front of us. This shouldn't surprise anyone. No one can spend more than they bring in for the long term. That is unless you're a member of the Government. The "urge for more NOW" has been a disease plaguing our culture for decades. We're seeing the ramifications of that today.

What's that term? Nothing lasts forever...in the physical world that is. I say let's let it fall. Let's not panic. Let's come up with new ways of living. Of being. Of doing. Whether what is happening is some planned agenda or whether it's a result of the american way of life, or perhaps a bit of both, it is as it is. Let's try and look at this from a higher perspective. We can use this time to think anew.

I'm sick of feeling like a victim. Worn out from thinking that I have no control. Tired of thinking inside of the box that is The System.

Aren't you?

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