The War On The Poor And Homeless Just Keeps Growing

This time, it has found its way to Fresno, CA.

"The Fresno City Council has passed, with a 6-1 vote, an ordinance that will remove homeless people from median islands while allowing established community groups to continue using the space for their fundraisers. Bill Simon, the chairperson of the Greater Fresno American Civil Liberties Union, called the measure discriminatory....Fresno City Council member Larry Westerland defended his ordinance, saying that if "somebody who wanted to, up to one time every six months, they would be able to come in and there would be a form they would fill out, a one page form, it would be like here is my name, here is the median I would like to occupy on this date, whatever that date would be. We talked about a 48 hour notice before going out there." Westerlund's ordinance would require the applicant to pay a filling fee, provide proof of insurance, and require the use of a brightly colored vest."

What an idiot.  How many homeless people have the money for a filing fee (or would be willing to pay it instead of using it for food and water)?  How many homeless have proof of insurance?  Does he really believe a homeless person is going to go through this hassle, not to mention having the opportunity to do this only ONCE EVERY SIX MONTHS and THEN have to PICK A DAMN DATE, in order to simply stand in a medium in the City of Fresno?

Of course not.  Which is why he's defending this discriminatory, fascist-leaning ordinance with such mindless dribble.  He knows his pathetic, ugly, discriminatory ordinance is going to put an end to the homeless standing in the city's precious mediums. 

I would like to see SOB's like him lose it all and then be told: "Sorry.  You can't park/stand/pee/eat/talk/request help here unless you give your government some money and proof of insurance."  Perhaps then they will pull their heads out of their behinds so that they can look at their Souls once again.  And remember...

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