SCOTUS: A Solid Reason For Unification of Left and Right?

Ah, one can only hope...

"A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that the vast majority of Americans are vehemently opposed to a recent Supreme Court ruling that opens the door for corporations, labor unions, and other organizations to spend money directly from their general funds to influence campaigns.  As noted by the Post's Dan Eggen, the poll's findings show "remarkably strong agreement" across the board, with roughly 80% of Americans saying that they're against the Court's 5-4 decision. Even more remarkable may be that opposition by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents were all near the same 80% opposition range. Specifically, 85% of Democrats, 81% of Independents, and 76% of Republicans opposed it. In short, "everyone hates" the ruling."

It isn't like this behavior hasn't been going on for the past 3 decades or so, overlooked and unpunished.  All this did was put the rubber stamp of approval from our nations highest court for said behavior, making them immune from punishment.  Lady Liberty needs a new slogan:  Welcome To Corporate America where Big Biz Rulez and The People Looze. 

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