Today's Top Oddball News: Uncle Sam Says "If You Wanna Go From Boy To Girl, We'll Give Ya A Little Tax Advantage!"

Thinking of having a sex change?  On Tuesday, The U.S. Tax Court ruled that a Massachusetts woman can write-off her hormone replacement therapies along with the accompanying surgery given such things are considered medically necessary.

"Rhiannon O'Donnabhain, who was born a man, had sued the Internal Revenue Service in 2007 after the agency denied her $5,000 deduction after deeming the procedures "cosmetic." In an opinion that could have a far-reaching effect on transgender Americans, the Tax Court said it found the IRS' argument "at best a superficial characterization of the circumstances" and one that was "thoroughly rebutted by the medical evidence," ABC News reported. "(Gender identity disorder) is a well-recognized and serious mental disorder," the majority wrote."

Nina's Commentary:  To each his own.  To feel you are in the "wrong" body must be a terribly lonely experience.  That being said, I wonder if the Tax Court would let me write-off a move to another planet for yours truly and family.  I often experience the sensation that, while I am in the right body, I am on the "wrong" planet. 

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