Bizarro News: Man Wins Settlement After Exploding Cigarette Knocks Out A Few Teeth

Well, this is one way to convince a person to quit smoking. 

"An Indonesian tobacco company has agreed to pay the medical expenses of a man who lost six teeth when a cigarette mysteriously exploded in his mouth.  Security guard Andi Susanto, 31, told Metro TV in an interview from his hospital bed that cigarette producer PT Nojorono Tobacco Indonesia had offered to pay for his treatment.  "The company's officials have talked to my family and we agreed to settle it amicably, as an out-of-court settlement," he said through bandaged lips. "They will pay all the medical expenses."  The cause of the explosion remains unknown.  Mr Susanto says he was not chewing anything when he lit the Clas Mild cigarette and did not notice anything strange about its odour, colour or taste.  He said he would quit smoking after the incident."

Well there ya go!

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