America's Failing Electrical Grid

Back in 2005, the ASCE (society of civil engineers) issued this report card, outlining the state of America's infrastructure.  The overall grade was a "D".  Poor.  According to the report, $1.6 Trillion was/is needed to bring our infrastructure up to par.  Likely that number is much higher as of 2010.  As we all know, throwing a few billion here and there, like previous and the current Administration's have done, ain't gonna cut it.  Without a workable infrastructure, you can forget about an economy.

We live in an area that has a very high number of power surges.  That is, suddenly the power will go out then go back on again, causing computer's to shut down and digital clocks to reset themselves to "00:00" or flashing mode.  I've made it a practice to write down whenever we have one of these surges.  I also phone up the power company, report it and demand a truthful explanation.

None are ever forthcoming of course.  All we receive are corporate speaking puppets who give us the p/c version.  Here are some of the doozies we have received:

"A squirrel jumped onto a line."

"A bird touched a line."

"Oh, we were out in the area repairing an underground line and when it was turned back on, it triggered a surge."


I'm waiting for the day when they blame it on spiders.  So far that hasn't happened.  Yet...

We had power surge number 6 today (going back 10 days) so we decided to phone up the power company once again and inquire.  Or shall I say, find out what b.s. excuse they would be offering up today.

Today's answer?

The weather.

Oh yes, it is quite the wild weather we are having today.  Hmm, let me look out my window.  Ok, I see a bunch of clouds.  Some misting rain.  Stand back whilst I grab my chair and brace myself for the next bout of weather madness.

Give me a break.

When presented with that answer, I said "Oh come on, it's cloudy with light rain showers."

Well then there must have been a gust of wind, came the p/c reply.

"Nope, no wind.  None at all," sayeth the one who knows the truth (that would be me).

Well, that's what this individual was being told, came the, once again, p/c reply.

"Listen," I said, "Why don't you just tell me the truth for once, will you?  Admit it with me now.  The grid is failing.  Period.  There's too much demand on the current system and the current system needs a major overhaul nationwide."

Well, they didn't know about that, came the start of a reply to which I interrupted and informed the individual of the 2005 report card as put forth by the ACSE.  You know, the folks who know about stuff like this.  Not the employees of the power company.  I explained in 2001 the group gave the electric grid a D+.  In 2005, a D.  Such a drop in a grade would cause a parent to stand up and take notice.  Why wasn't the power company doing the same?


Of course.  Sometimes silence is wonderful.  Other times, it's an annoyance, like it was today.

Until these corporate fascists (or at least their working minions) embrace the truth, the innocent squirrels, birds, cats, rodents, wild weather concoction of misty rain and clouds and lord knows what else will be given blame for power issues. 

I wonder if the spiders are aware of this and are unionizing...

Update:  I spoke with a friend today who knows someone who once was affiliated with the power company.  He informed me our particular city and its electric grid was designed for a population of 20,000.  Considering our current population is a bit above 50,000, I'd say that indeed my assertion to the power company that our grid is over-burdened is correct. 

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