Oregon Senate Passes Unemployment Extension Bill

This should make some folks breath a sigh of relief, albeit it a temporary one.  (Only 6 weeks?  That's it?  These "representatives" receive hundreds of thousands in perks from special interest scumbags and go on lavish "business" trips at our expense.  They don't do a damn thing to petition the feds to end the war on terror and the war on drugs which would MORE THAN adaquately fund the rebuilding of America.  They keep throwing money at schools thinking that's going to somehow fix our failed public school system.  And yet they look to their constituents who are unemployed and/or underemployed and can say "here's a few more weeks of a tiny bit of relief for you."  I mean really, where is the consciousness, the brain matter, the compassion?)

Friggin' frackin' frogs.  Whatever...  Here's a snippet from the dang article:

"SALEM -- It seemed like deja vu in the Oregon Senate Friday morning, when lawmakers passed a bill extending emergency unemployment benefits to 18,600 Oregonians who have either run out of benefits or soon will.  Senate Bill 990 provides benefits to unemployed workers using $19 million from an emergency fund created by the 2009 Legislature. The fund is projected to pay two-to-six weeks of benefits per recipient.  The House passed nearly identical legislation Thursday with House Bill 3655. Leadership is expected to pick one that will move forward to Gov. Ted Kulongoski."

This should be easy legislation to push through, although I am bothered (baffled) by the following comment made by a (clueless) Democrat:

"...Sen. Bill Morrisette, D-Springfield, responded that the $19 million would go right back into the economy.   "I think these unemployment benefits will create jobs at the grocery stores and gas stations," he said."

Yes, that's just what we need.  More jobs in the SERVICE INDUSTRY.  More minimum wage, part-time, no benefit positions.  Yes, that will TRULY make the economy thrive once more.  That will lift people out of poverty.  Good lord...  I expect such idiocy from Republicans.  But from a Democrat?  Oh wait.  Silly me forgot.  They're all the same!  Wealthy, self-entitled elitists who don't have a fucking clue how to run an economy and grow business and create jobs much less what it's like to try and LIVE ON SUCH A WAGE at said "grocery stores and gas stations".  And nor do the majority of them even care to understand. 

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