*Congress, in it's infinite wisdom, has said they wish to extend the current Emergency Unemployment Compensation program through the 2nd week of March.  At that date, they will discuss extending it further. 
Comment:  Knock it off you elitist assholes and quit playing games with the American People.  Extend the program through the end of the year.  Then add more tiers.  Everyone (well except for my family and those like them) knows we're in a Depression.  Everyone knows this economy ain't gonna budge or even come close to any sort of recovery for another 3-5 years.  Your pompous arrogance ain't cute.  And neither is your ignorance. 

*You can't rely on local social service agencies to tell you any semblance of truth.  One attempts to educate themselves by doing research on particular programs prior to making contact with such agencies.  However, more often than not, when agency is contacted, you find out what you have read and what you are told by a PERSON are two totally different things.
Comment:  I believe this is done intentionally to piss off those in need.  Certainly it adds to an already over-loaded mind.  Of course what should we expect when most of these agencies hire brain-dead clueless folks under the age of 25 who sound like they're 12.  And to think - I once had the dream to work for such an agency.  I was once told, many years ago, by a Social Worker that I was too smart, too aware, too driven and too idealistic to be hired by any such agency, private or public. 

*I receive a lot of comments on this blog that I delete due to their spam content.
Comment:  So much for the hours I spent reorganizing this damn blog, learning about such things as blog aggregators and adsense and how to generate revenue.  All it's lead me to is an increase in the fucking little spammers.  My middle finger is up to the world and the system and to anyone who would dare question what I am doing with my life and the steps I am taking to make money.  My POV at this point is either give me some cash or get out of my personal space. 

*Lots of media attention surrounding these tea-party people.
Comment:  If only the blind fools of the left would actually show a willingness to see that there are some darn good and valid points these folks have to make.  And if only the tea party people themselves would stop chanting their religious "god" crap and their rugged individualism crap and their "abolish welfare" and support the "free market" diatribe, perhaps they would have their other more valid points and thus their overall agenda respected.  The more I contemplate this issue, the more I realize perhaps it is a good idea to break up the states into separate regions where each is completely self-governing.  Why should someone who WANTS a capitalistic/individualistic society have to live in a culture where the wealth is shared and collectivism is the norm and vice versa?

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