Hey Hollywood: How About A Telethon For The Unemployed/Homeless Here In America?

Nothing disgusts me more than seeing the elite of Hollywood reach out to an economically depressed economy and ask for money. 

Nothing digusts me more than seeing these elitists showing so much concern for the suffering in other nations while they completely and utterly ignore the millions of unemployed/underemployed/homeless Americans.

I have an idea.  Let's organize a telethon for the millions set to lose their homes, set to lose their unemployment benefits.  Over $55 million was raised with the recent telethon for the victims of the Haitian earthquake.  Let's put these Hollywood elitists to work and have them amp up the effort with another telethon for the folks here at home.  For every dollar that is raised, they combine their capital and add a $20 spot for every dollar.  Or a $50 spot.  Or $100 spot.

Or better yet, let's have three telethons.  One for those set to lose their homes.  One for those set to lose their unemployment benefits.  And another for the uninsured. 

I mean really.  Who do these folks think they're impressing?  They volunteer to help the suffering in 3rd world nations (while ours slowly turns into one).  They adopt babies from other countries (while we continue to see the number of orphans increase).  Then they pat themselves on the back (by inviting the paparazzi to document their generosity) and return home, ignoring the growing crumbling and suffering that surrounds them. 

I realize human suffering knows no borders or skin color or status.  But come on.  At least let us see the elite do more work here at home NOW.  If I were one of them, that's what I would want to be doing.  Given the growing economic distress as faced by millions of americans, the numbers growing with each passing day, I would want to ensure the community around me was financially secure, job secure and shelter secure.  That would give me some peace of mind in feeling there wasn't some destitute American living on the streets, looking to take some of what I have.


Corker2 said...

Greetings, Nina

Happen to notice your Blog and your comments. I tend to agree with your Post about the Homeless. In my opinion, this Country, gives away far too much money to others that are in need. I say, let's worry about our own here in our own Country, before trying to cure the World of all the suffering.

We have American people here in our own Nation that are in dire need of food & housing. The richest, most powerful Country in the World, has people starving to death cause they can't afford anything. Hundreds are Homeless here in the USA, and we're worried about someplace else?

Nice to meet you

Nina said...

While I'm not sure we're the richest nation in the world (China, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. have much more wealth/capital plus they have the benefit of a balance sheet that's in the black), I as well see the need to question as you did--homeless here and so much focus elsewhere? The resources are there to ensure we all have the basic needs met. But I realize the stigma attached w/that concept--socialism, communism, ad nauseum. I call it as it is: just, fair, kind and loving.

Thanks for stopping in, Les!