Brief Life Update

All is well with the little-one-to-be and yours truly.  Even though I have 3 months to go, I can't imagine how much more my muscles and skin can possibly stretch, although I am at the right weight for this stage.  I've been able to hear her hearbeat at a recent midwife visit with the fetoscope.  Aahh, this all such a miraculous, mind-blowing experience. 

We're just starting to put together her room and for now, are focused on kids furniture.  We've found the crib and are looking for a changing table, a dresser and either a recliner or glider.  The crib will be in our room for the first several months. 

On the job front and money-producing front, well that's still slow-going, although this particular post is netting me $35 so that's a positive!  My online collectible studio is garnering hits but no sales so far.  I remind myself that miracles happen every moment of every day, often when we least expect it.  This has certainly been the case with our little one...

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