Hey All You Unemployed Americans: Come Work As A U.S. Census Taker

Hey, at least it's something, right?  At least that's what those people in our life keep telling us (said people either being retired and/or for the moment, gainfully employed).  All you gotta do is go stand in line with hundreds of other desperate folks, take a timed test and wait for a return call.  (And when you look around, you'll notice most are over the age of 50).  Of course they may not tell you that unless you score a perfect or near-perfect score, your chances of a return call are slim.  And they may not tell you the hours may be no more than 5 or that the weeks being employed may not be more than a few.

You can, if you wish, retake the test in hopes of a higher score.  But even at that, when you live in an area where over 500 tests have already been given and 3 more dates are on the calendar for testing, your odds of being hired are slim. 

No different than searching for a job in this market...

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Julie said...

Nina, I think I will pass, lol. You are right, waiting in long lines for a job you may not get is nuts. That is just not for me. I haven't found a job yet, but I am confident that I will.