Airports and Aspartame

Better watch how you look the next time you're at the airport. You may just get pulled aside, questioned and searched. Transportation Security Officers trained in the SPOT program (Screening Passengers by Observation Technique) interestingly enough won't say whether their practice has disrupted any real terrorist plot, although the following pretty much answers that one. For the last two years, 70,000 people have been screened with "about 600-700" arrests. A one percent success rate--for citing people for such non-terroristic charges as weapons violations, drug possession and outstanding warrants.

Wow. A 1 percent success rate in finding the person with some minor criminal element yet intending to fly peacefully. A zero percent success rate in capturing terrorists.

Given those terrorists are hiding out anywhere and everywhere, waiting to hurt us, at least according to the MSM and our government, I would think these profilers would have caught at least one, don't you?

If that isn't enough make you sit up and take notice, this one will. Hopefully by now you are aware of the health risks of Aspartame. Well now, doctors have discovered Aspartame can turn the tissues to plastic.

Next time you reach for that artificial sweetener or low calorie product, please rethink what you're putting into your body. Unlike other things being put into our water and air, we have a choice whether or not to ingest this substance. I got Mr. Nina off of this crap a few years ago. Do yourself a favor and get yourself off of it, too.


crallspace said...

ASpartame is nasty. ANY kind of artificial sweetener leaves the worst taste in my mouth.

Ever drink TAB? Yick!

As for the airports, I've wanted to stay away from them anyhow.

nina said...

it's amazing what you can get used to. i used to use artificial sweetener's in my iced tea. i thought i was doing a good thing for my teeth and body. ha! i stopped doing that over 10 years ago and today, if i accidentally consume it, i know right away.

never did like tab either!