Oregon State University: Equal Opportunity Employer

Uh huh.


You betcha.

Depends on how you define the term "equal opportunity employer". Often, I'm not much of one for laws in that they really haven't done a thing to promote fairness or equality, plus they're often too black and white, which is ridiculous considering life is a myriad of shades. Laws remove us out of our heartspace and into that mindspace where judgments rule, where the world is black and white. Some guidelines and laws are necessary of course but only because too many people are completely void of or lacking in the principles of Love in Action. Understandable considering the System that is in place.

OSU makes it extremely difficult to land employment in any of the office trade fields by requiring the Banner financial software program for said applicants. Now, unless you've worked for some similar government institution, chances are you've never touched such a program let alone heard of it. Doesn't matter if you have experience with other financial software programs: unless it's Banner, forget about applying.

Apparently they aren't open to training an otherwise suitable applicant.

EOE, my ass.

Today's job market: it's a must to know the right people and have the right skills (ie: precise, exactly as we entail them, right down to the nth degree no exceptions) and have the right experience (see skills) to find anything that isn't in the (cess)pool of $8-$10/hour-no-benefits-we-will-work-you-whenever-we-want-therefore-you-must-be-even-more-flexible-than-a-rubber-tree-plant-and-even-at-that-we-can-raise-or-decrease-your-hours-or-pay-whenever-we-want-without-notice-and-we-can-also-throw-your-ass-to-the-curb-simply-because-we-don't-like-the-shirt-your-wore-yesterday-or-the-fact-that-you-got-sick-and-missed-several-days-of-work jobs.

As George Bailey said so truthfully, so right on, so beautifully to Mr. Potter (who of course as we all know is the epitomy of today's corporate CEO/government official) in It's A Wonderful Life, "These people that you're talking about (the "rabble" as Potter called them--the working class) are the ones doing most of the living, breathing and dying in this community and is it so much of them to ask for a decent place to live (and own)? Well anyway, my father didn't think so."

Amen, George. Amen.

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