Sunday Paper

It was a cold, blustery morning as I set foot outside to pick up the local Sunday paper. Feeling the cold wind on my face, I quickly shut the door behind me and headed back to the comfort of a warm bed. Getting myself comfortable, two fluffy pillows supporting my neck, arranging the quilt and blankets just so, I picked up the front page. The headlines glared at me with insult:

"No Criminal Charges Against Cox"

A cold chill ran up and down my spine. Despite shivering, I threw back the covers and announced to no one in particular:

"What the FUCK?!"

In yet another example of a System of Justice washed down the drain bathed in corruption, The People have been told, yet again: "Ye Who Are The People Are Indeed Quite Powerless".

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) has determined there are "no grounds to file criminal charges against Cox".

I'm curious to know how the DOJ defined "criminal". Cox blatantly abused his police authority through false charges, arrests and intimidation. I don't know about you, but that cries out "criminal" to me.

Let's put out the welcome mat for young people wishing to make a career with the Corvallis Police Department. Or hell, any city police department for that matter. "The thought of wearing a uniform bring out that desire to intimidate? Want to carry a gun and a taser to boot? Want to know that no matter what your conduct, your fellow officers won't rat you out? Well then sign on up and join in with other fellow officers as we put the final touches on The Police State."

While I know (through personal experience and obvious common sense) that there are some amazing officers out there who uphold their duties with respect and integrity, the fact that Cox was able to abuse his authority for so long w/o a peep from The Department and now the results from the DOJ need serve as a wake-up call to the people. That is, assuming there are any left needing such a call.


crallspace said...
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crallspace said...

never know these days...

hope all is well, Nina.