Headlines I'd Like To See

World Leaders Put An End To All Wars and Conflicts. Existing Peacefully Now Reigns.

World Poverty: No Longer An Issue As All Are Found To Be Living Comfortably

Everyone Has Enough Food To Eat

Everyone Has Plenty Of Clean Water To Drink

Everyone Has Shelter That Is Safe, Sound and Secure

The People Take Back Their Power: Government Corruption Becomes A Thing of the Past

A Living Wage Replaces The Minimum Wage

All People Are Given The Equal Opportunity To Pursue Their Passion And Receive A Living Wage In Doing So

Health Care: It's Now Free

Bartering Slowly Replacing Currency

The People Powering Their Lives Through The Sun, Wind and Ocean

Remembering The Days of Oil (insert hysterical laughter)

Remembering The Days of Capitalism Gone Astray (insert hysterical laughter)

Wealth: It's Now For Everyone

Sharing Replaces Greed and Hoarding

The Bush Legacy: Uh, um, er, hmmm... Come Again?

Remembering The Days of the Two-Party System (insert hysterical laughter)

Everyone Is A Land Owner as the Land Is Divided Up Equally Amongst The People

Remembering The Days of the SUV (insert hysterical laughter)

Remembering The Days When People Supported The Idea of Microchipping Humans

Children Playing Outside and In The Streets Once Again as Video Games and Computers Become Less Important

Community Potlucks and Neighborhood Gatherings Becoming The Norm

Remembering the 40 Hour Work Week (insert hysterical laughter)

Play and Passion Becomes The New American Work Ethic

Child Asks Parents: "Mommy and daddy, what's a corporate elitist?" Parents Just Laugh In Response, Thankful Their Child Will Never Have To Experience The Answer

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