Some Thoughts for the "Wake Up!" Crowd

This whole "wake up" mantra has been bothering me for some time now. I used to follow it hook, line and sinker myself, until I began to look within and question the purpose of the whole thing. I was once "asleep", having fallen for the illusions of the world, what I was told to think/believe/see/do. I was especially sucked into the "that's how things are" mantra, implying change wasn't possible. I know I would not have appreciated it had someone implied I was a sheep or a cow or somehow stupid because of my way of life, my belief system, my mindset.
What was once "wake up" has now become an arena for casting such unnecessary and ugly insults. The latest piece I read on Prison Planet referred to the typical american as "bovine in nature". The subject was privacy.

Hmm. I wonder if this author has done anything to protect his privacy. Has he figured out a way to protect or encrypt his e-mails? Has he found a way to destroy the GPS indicator in his cell phone? What is he doing other than writing about the same shit time and time again? Is he organizing with others? Has he given thought to what kind of a world he wishes to see?

While I understand the frustration and sense of urgency in these folks, I have to question what their motivation really is. To enact change or to simply toss out insults, hoping someone else will change the course of action. Certainly these people know you don't win people over by insulting them, by screaming at them, by threatening them. Apparently none of them read a damn thing by Dale Carnegie.

Maybe they're more like myself. Online, they hold back nothing. In person, their better human qualities of listening, respect, etc. take over. However, even if that is the case, these writers are being published on websites that receive millions of viewers annually. As a result, they have a great ability to really influence people, much more so than some little blog like my own. At this point, I don't see them winning over anybody with their mantra of insults, with their "if you don't get this, you're really slow/stupid/uneducated etc. etc." It's easy to read into things. It's easy to take a bunch of information and come to some sort of a conclusion. Human perception. It isn't an exact science, afterall.

While none of us can say for sure what the real agenda is, what the motivation is, I'm sure most of us can agree things need to be different. Instead of focusing all of this energy on the going's on, we really need to be focusing on what we want and need and how we can best set out to achieve such a life, a community, a country, a world. Without insults. If we're not doing that, then we are only contributing to the problems by living life in fear, in anger. In isolation. (No judgment as I have fallen into that trap myself.)

Awakening is a very personal experience. Not everyone is going to hold the same opinions, the same beliefs. We need to accept that and work with this, holding respect for one another along the way. As long as we follow that golden rule, respect, do no (intentional) harm to others, we can achieve anything.

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