Friday Thoughts

Just read a headline, "Texting While Driving Is Causing More Accidents Than Ever". Ok people, you know who you are. If you're talking while driving, that's dangerous enough. But if you're texting, good lord...

Speaking of cell phones, we kinda wish we had one yesterday. Our phone line went on the fritz, so I set off last night in search of one of those things called a phone booth. I found one and stood out in the cold, on hold, waiting for a customer service repair technician to take my call, all the while watching people in their warm vehicles, some talking on their cell phones, thinking that perhaps it's time to get one for occasions such as this one.

The guy who created "Super Size Me" has a new documentary coming out in January called "Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?" He stole my title, the rat fink. I had that very same idea 3 years ago, only I wanted to do a parody on the "Where's Waldo" board game. Anyway, there's this buzz about some smoking gun, plus the nagging question, "well, did he find him?" Whatever, I say. On the news the other night, our well-meaning but nonetheless uninformed reporter once again linked Osama with 9/11. I thought of sending her the FBI's most wanted list site which doesn't link him with the events of that day. This same guy also has a documentary out called "What Would Jesus Buy?" My guess would be he'd buy a night shade, some ear plugs and find a secluded cabin away from it all. Maybe pick up an acoustic guitar. "You think I'm gonna try and SAVE you folks this time around??? HA! No more risking my life for you people. Huh uh. Not this time around. Get me the fuck outta here!"

I read yesterday that heaven is not supposed to exist on earth, that earth is like a school, we're here to experience pain and struggle and trials and thus, learn. And I thought I was negative! Can you get anymore negative than that?? These words came out of the mouth from someone who proclaims to know about heaven and mother/father god.

Frankly, if there is a god, it isn't my parent. That certainly isn't the kind of relationship I wish to have with such a being. Friendship is more like it. Equal. All connected in some strange and crazy and humorous way. And I'm certainly not here to please or worship such a being. As far as learning, learn what?? I'm here to learn and grow and evolve? That smacks in the face of so many things I believe in. But ok, if learning is part of the game, here's what I have "learned": The Church has it (love/our potential) wrong in so many ways. The System is set up to see us struggle and suffer unnecessarily. The words we receive about who we really are from the myriad of societal factors are utterly false, which means we all walk around telling ourselves lies about who we really are. Heaven, hell. It's a choice we each make in terms of thinking and doing.

Perhaps the truth, for me that is, is that I haven't learned a damn thing. I've just remembered, gradually, who I really am and how things could be. Heaven on earth not possible? As our friends the Brits say, "bullocks!"

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nolocontendere said...

If Spurlock found Osama he would have had to use a shovel, no wait, an ice pick - it's cold over there right now.