PBS Says Low Wage Jobs Are Growing And Are Here To Stay

You know PBS has sold its soul to Corporate AmeriKa when it airs a piece about low wage jobs growing in numbers (more than any other sector) and not discuss why this goes against everything AmeriCa (is supposed to) stands for: justice, fairness, compassion, cooperation, freedom. Yep, even PBS has the opinion that this is just "business as usual." In a nutshell, PBS is saying "poverty is simply part of american culture."

Of course they try and sell us this crap with a pretty little package of smiling workers who are given the benefit of a flexible schedule. Apparently some of these low-wage job providing employers are now giving workers more flexibility in their work schedule. The smiling workers were the ones working from home, however. When they gave us a glimpse of a garment making factory, I didn't see one smile. I just saw a lot of slaves making minimum wage sewing dresses that will turn around and net several hundred if not thousands of dollars and end up in some elitists closet whilst making large corporate retailers even wealthier.

Sorry, PBS. You've finally lost me. For good this time.

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tkn said...

I saw that show too. Well, more like caught bits and pieces from the other room. I didn't have the same reaction, though. I don't think PBS produced that show. I did think the show was over simplifying and glossed over the reality on the ground for many people.

There are still a lot of good shows on OPB. Don't give up on them yet.