Actual Job Advertisement

I found this on our local job bulletin board. It gave me a good laugh.

FEED HORSES AM and PM, and water/clean stalls/paddocks every other day. Interview and then Start Immediately! Have a very, VERY DEPENDABLE VEHICLE, live close by, and be able to feed 2 TIMES per DAY, EVERY DAY, in the morning and again, [about 12 hours later], in the late afternoon/early evening!!! AM feedings are needed to be done sometimes around approximately 6-8 AM, [give or take], and also, again, sometimes at around approximately 5-8 PM. THIS IS A SPLIT SHIFT! Drive there in the AM and then Drive there AGAIN in the PM!!! Averages about 1+ hours of ACTUAL work per day,

[ok, so far sounds fairly kosher, correct? the "hmmm" factor follows]:

but it is hardly worth it when you figure in your TRAVEL TIME and GASOLINE!

Ok, so explain to me why I should apply?


Pugs in Space said...

I saw this ad and flagged it. You can tell they are rude assholes. They are the same people that have advertised a room for rent in their house and they are crazy!

Mike-Julie said...


Devin said...

I agree with the other commenters Nina-YIKES-on these folks-I hope you and your family are getting ready to have a great weekend-all the best!!

Anonymous said...

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