More Reasons To Rethink The Monetary System

For many moons now, as I have watched Relationship "Expert's" (loosely defined term) on television discuss money and how it is notoriously listed as being the number one cause of stress in relationships, I cannot help but think "Why do we continue to teach people how to deal with this stress? Why not just eliminate the stress altogether?"

It isn't as though money is really needed. As it is today, it is. But as I always say: "Things do not need to be this way." That is one quote that truly sums up who I am. Accepting of reality, but when reality sucks, looking for ways to create something different.

Today I've seen all sorts of segments on "Recession-Proof Your Marriage." Give me a fucking break. No one is immune from the current unfolding fiasco taking place. NO ONE. To say one can "recession-proof (not to mention the truth is we're in a depression) their marriage" is every bit as ridiculous as stating:

"How to avoid being laid off"
"How to stop your job from going to India"
"How to ensure your health insurance company doesn't increase your premiums by another 30%"
"How to ensure your health insurance company doesn't decide to drop you because you're considered a high risk customer."
On and on and on.

And of course these pompous windbags typically have on the easy fixes. People who make close to $100,000 a year and up and who live in a 4,000 square foot home they bought for over half a million dollars. They also have 25 credit cards which they have used to buy totally unnecessary things like lavish cars, boats, 25 pairs of designer jeans for their teenage daughter and now they are whining "helllllllllppppppp meeeeeeee". Etc. etc. etc. They're suffering?


Not once have I seen someone who has lived within their means but simply cannot keep up with the increased cost of living. I have yet to see a family whereby one or both of the adults in the household lost their job(s) and they were already living very modestly and simply. Or what about the family where the health insurance was lost and they are now bankrupt due to a health issue. Such pompous windbags don't really want to deal with people like that. Too difficult. It's much simpler to deal with irresponsible idiots who really do have solutions so blaringingly obvious, the drunk on the corner could counsel them.

But back to my point. The best things in life are free. A nice sentiment. But of course full of shit when you think of the people who aren't ABLE to enjoy these "best things" when their entire life is revolved around making money to ensure basic survival. Yes, money is the biggest source of stress in our lives. We get that, oh holier than thou windbags. So how about this. Instead of tooting your horn of "DUH NO SHIT" level of advice (while you see another cool million pass into your lap for dishing out such obvious stupidity), you really dig deep and put your mind to real use. Get real yourself. Start questioning the very existance of money. Begin to think outside of the box (And oh god have I heard that phrase tossed about by these windbags. "Gotta think outside the box here folks."). Present new ways of living. New ways that would make the lives of your clients much more conducive to mental, emotional and physical health.

You're in a position of power. Start using it wisely lest you wish to be drug through the mud on blogs such as mine. You may be fooling your blind, naive followers. But you aren't fooling me.

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