"Expert" Says To Land A Job One Must Engage In A Massive Campaign Of Massive Effort To Land Massive Interviews In The Hopes Of (Perhaps) Landing A Job

I could only shake my head as I listened to this dude on television tell the long-term unemployed they aren't doing enough. "You've got to engage in a massive job seeking campaign. You must take massive action in today's market. Massive interviews. Anything less will not suffice."

If that doesn't make you want to smack the blowhard (for at the very least supporting the current system without saying "hey wait a minute this situation is totally fucked..."), then this one will. His second piece of advice was to go into an interview and tell the employer exactly, in explicit detail, what and how you will do for them as the best employee. Not only that, what and how you will do such and such NOW. Today. This second. You must be willing to totally commit yourself 150% to the employer's bottom line.

This is nothing more than "how to continue to sell your soul and continue the work-for-a-living slave system" rhetoric.

The audience, of course, was full of pompous-looking system-blind folks who could only shake their heads in agreement while the unemployed folks cast their eyes downward as though in shame. Yep. Haven't busted my ass enough. Haven't quite yet sold my soul or exhausted myself to the point of hospitalization. Just not doing enough apparently.

What's next? Offering to work for free for 6 months?

(Oh wait, that's already been given as advice.)

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Devin said...

Nina-you are always so spot on with your society/political observations!! When I read "1984" i thought-well it will never happen here-you know what-we have gone beyond "1984" -the USA these days is a madhouse-maybe more like "Animal Farm" than anything-incredibly sad-best to you and your family as always my friend!!