One week ago I sat behind this computer in a/c, wearing a tank and shorts, with temperatures outside hovering near 100, approximately 20 degrees above normal. Today, I sit here in jeans, socks, shirt and hubby's flannel draped over my shoulders. Temps outside are hovering in the low to mid 60's, approximately 20 degree below normal.

Summer has been an interesting one here in the northwest. We experienced what I fall the flip-flop syndrome. May was very warm. June, cool. July, downright hot. August, cool (so far). Extended forecast for the next week shows us remaining cool with below normal temperatures. Two nights ago, Mr. Nina and I felt we could smell fall in the air. There was a certain crispness that accompanies the onset of fall. Our fall mums are already in bloom. Some of the surrounding trees are already showing signs of foilage change.

I'm not complaining though! If given a choice, I would rather be too cold than too hot. You can always add more clothes for warmth when cold, but when it's hot, you can only strip down so far.


Devin said...

It sounds like you are really flip flopping up that way Nina!! Here it seems it is always hot in the summer no matter what-but what I hate about this one-is that it usually seems we get the "killer-hot" days out of the way by end of June early July-and this summer there seems no end to it!! I know Phoenix's hottest day on record 122 degrees fell in June-June 20 1990 if I remember right -I havent even been looking at the forecasts -in a weird way I am thankful that we are not having some horrific heatwave of 115 degrees plus-knock on wood!! I very much agree would much much rather be too cold than too hot!! best as always to you and yours -from the "Valley of the Sun":)

Julie said...

We are experiencing a cool down too, from 115 degrees to 101 degrees.....woohoo, lol. I wish we had your weather. I would love to snuggle with a hot cup of coffee of coco.