"Pay What You Can"

Vermont taxi service tells customers: "Pay what you can."

A sign of things to come? We (certainly I) can only hope. While it may not be altogether practical to implement across the board at the moment, it is certainly a doable business model (and falls along the line of my previous post about establishing a sliding scale fee on all goods and services).


Devin said...

Oh-I definitely think we will be seeing more of this Nina! It is also sort of a "robbery Prevention" measure in my mind-as the decent folks anyway without much money would be thinking-"what a great service! pay what you can" another sign of a bad economy -but also maybe some good in human nature?? sorry I dont get around as often-(of course i am talking as if i would be missed haha) I am not online as much anymore and when i am not for as many hours-so whereas i used to get to 7 to 12 blogs a day and say hi if they updated-now i am lucky to get to three or four-best to you and yours as always and i hope you and your fam are having a beautiful week!! cute puppy also!!:)

Nina said...

i agree--a sign of the times and also the goodness of human nature.

good to "see" you. i hope you are feeling well and it's just the weather causing you to not be online as much as in days passed. (and you would be missed if you weren't on this planet!)