The Pursuit of Money

I want you to try something. For one day (preferably a quiet day with few or no activities), write down every conscious moment you have about money. Any thought will do whether it's a worry about money, wondering if you have enough, wondering if you will either land a job or keep your current one, wondering what to do next to bring in more money, wondering if where you have it stored is safe. Etc. etc.

You may be surprised, but likely not, to realize how much of your time, energy, focus is geared towards money. Even if you consider yourself to be fairly enlightened, you're likely spending much of your time thinking about money. I've come to the realization that the pursuit of money changes who we are, and not in beneficial ways to our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical selves. It makes us worrisome. It makes us fearful. It makes us competitive and on edge. It makes us controlling, doubtful and distrustful. And those are the rather benign consequences. Taken to the extreme, the pursuit of money can turn us into violent criminals.

Either way, regardless of how much money we have or how little of it (although I would rather have too much than not enough), the pursuit of money is a slow death of important elements of our being. It stops us from fully being who we are, for thoughts of fear (especially those that are ongoing) and all that fear includes, is a barrier to the expression of our inner glory.

I believe this is a topic that is sorely missing in the spiritual community. I have yet to hear of one of our popular new age/spiritual "guru's" discuss money in this way, much less read any of their words that discuss creating a different system.

Imagine not having to pursue money. Imagine having all of our physical needs provided for--by one another--through a new (mostly automated) system where human need takes precedence. Imagine all of that energy that would be freed up to pursue those things to our liking. To spend (and actually enjoy) our time in communion with others and with nature. Imagine not having to worry about having enough money.

While being physical beings in this dimension and having survival needs will always create some level of fear at times due to our innate need and desire for survival, it would greatly enhance our life experience if we were not given the heavy burden of having to create money.

The first step in doing so is to simply imagine what that would be like for you.


Devin said...

Nina this is an incredibly important post as far as the content about the extent money hypnotizes us and occupies our thoughts with nothing but worry-worry worry-I think money is the first "control" system in society-and the most important -remove this element and the whole "pyramid" or I should say "pyramid scheme" would collapse!! best to you as always and I hope you are having a lovely week!!

Julie said...

Money popped into my head too much in just one day. I need to change my thinking and focus on other things. Great post, Nina!