Sunday Contemplations

What if the reason we're in Iraq isn't solely due to controlling the precious resource that is oil? What if there's more to it than expanding western imperialism? What if one of the main reasons we're in Iraq is to aquire the long-lost and heavily guarded secrets of ancient technology (said to be buried in Iraq), the technology of the gods (space travelers)? The ability to travel through wormholes and blackholes and the like. And what if this jesus being was an alien (meaning time/space traveler) who had that ability and as such, traveled the cosmos in order to remind us of our capacity to love as well as letting us know we ALL possess and have access to the very same energy he carried with/within him (and knew how to manipulate/use)? What if 2012 marks another 26,000 year cycle where something mystical yet completely normal happens, where a wave of energy encircles our planet (acting alone or perhaps with or due to this mysterious planet "x" or nirubu), giving us access to such abilities, plus expanding our consciousness at the same time? What if this wave of energy is what's largely behind the weather changes occuring on our planet (and the other planets of our solar system)? What if the sun and its increase in solar flares are also a result of this energy wave? What if there has been on-going battles between planets for access to such energy? And what if the Universe/All That Is which is what this energy is believed to be does not judge and therefore, such energy, such power, is free for the taking? Rather exciting and terrifying at the same time, no?

What if all of this were true? What if some were true? Would you want access to such technology? To such knowledge? Would you want to know how to access and control the energy?

What if I'm full of it? : )

Imagine the potential results of such an event. We're likely seeing much of the results from the last go-around today. It seems far past time it is used for good this time around, don't you think?

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Devin said...

Nina -I enjoyed this as i do all of your musings:) I am hoping like hell that 2012 is a consciousness raising event-I think that is the only way we are going to make it here on earth!! The Iraq question and others are also very interesting to ponder-I dont have any definite opinions -but I have seen and heard of too much to believe that what we think of as "reality" is all there is! BTW would be very interested as to your opinion on swine flu is-best to you as always and your family also!!