Forgot This One...

This morning Obama was heard singing "the economy's on the road to recovery" song. You know how it goes, right? If not, here's a sample of the lyrics (sung to the tune of "On Top Of 'Ole Smokie"):

The numbers are out
it's lookin' quite good.
Economy's cookin'
just as it should.

Sure we have our homeless
and food lines galore.
But those folks don't matter
to us anymore.

So go out and spend
your money on stuff.
Ignore the words of those
who've had quite enough.

So while Obama was engaging in a verbal wet dream about the unemployment rate dropping by 1/10th of one freakin' percent, just remember this my dear american: These stats don't include the millions who have run out of their benefits and are still unempoyed nor do they include the millions of unemployed who have had to resort to part-time minimum wage employment, nor do they include those who have simply given up.

2.6 million jobs lost in 2008. Between 300,000 and 600,000 lost each month in 2009.

And yet, the economy's on the road to recovery.

The people sigh.



Mike-Julie said...

I have to say that yesterday was the first time I went on a job interview since I was laid off last March 2008. Not sure about getting the position but things are starting to look up. Wish me luck.

benjibopper said...

reminds me of Erikah Badu's 'Amerikahn Promise.'