Keith Olbermann: The Sellout

For awhile there, when Bush was in office, Keith asked some very direct questions of that administration's policies. But now that Obama is in office, and things have (supposedly :::ahem:::) switched back to the left, Olbermann's gone soft. Last night he spoke briefly about the "nuts" in Phoenix who showed up to an Obama Health Care Rally carrying guns. Apparently Keith doesn't realize they were exercising their rights. Does he not support the constitution or states rights or the citizens rights to exercise these rights? Apparently Keith failed to read some of their comments, which basically boiled down to this: We are making a statement. If you don't exercise your rights and fight for them, you lose them. And lest you be asleep, we've been losing our rights as provided by our Constitution over the years.

Keith then went on to say these "nuts" believe the gov't had some sort of a hand in or knowledge of the events of 9/11. Apparently Keith's journalism schooling of asking the tough questions, where he was pretty successful at asking during the previous administration, has gone out the window now that we have a Democrat in office. Apparently Keith doesn't understand much about physics. Should he have to? Well, I didn't take any college courses in physics, but I do question things around me and came to the conclusion that official versions of 9/11 are full of lies.

I would ask Keith if buildings on fire collapse in the manner they did that awful day.

I would ask Keith how passports survive such a blazing inferno.

I would ask Keith how many buildings collapsed and as such, how is this number possible with just 2 planes.

I would ask Keith where is the video footage of the plane flying into the Pentagon. The media showed over and over and over again the plane(s) flying into the WTC. What's up with the complete lack of coverage for the Pentagon?

Keith went on to lump them into the right-wing extremist militia movement (who actually have some good points to make if only people would actually remove their attachments to their prospective political labels and listen to them).

The days of authentic journalistic reporting are dead, save for the citizen journalists out there and the few independent (meaning they are not owned by corporate america) news sites. Keith is like every other MSM journalist: an entertainer. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Devin said...

You are right about Keith-I had a lot of bad talk from lefties no doubt about him when Bush was in office -and my thinking at the time (which has changed now) was that so what he is one of the only ones really slamming 43 -well that part stays pretty true-but how true to your ideals can you be if you are only willing to criticize one political party and not the other-when it is so obvious that they just change the parties in the USA (prob in many other countries also) like a game of three card monte!! i used to get so pissed off when i tried to tell folks about the Salomon building that fell at 520 pm on sept 11 with only MINOR fire damage-and it collapsed as in a controlled demolition -I bet if you asked 99 percent of americans how many buildings collapsed that day they would say two (or 3 if they counted damage to the Pentagon-but the Pentagon hardly collapsed all the way) best as always Nina and great thoughts! hope you and your family are doing great!!

Nina said...

that is THE problem with politics devin--people REFUSING to budge from their political labels and party line.

i didn't expect much different from keith, but his utter lack of understanding about these gun carrying men was somewhat of a surprise to me. he seems to support only PART of the constitution--whatever pieces suit his belief--which makes him no different than those on the right.

Devin said...

Great reply Nina -yeah i just don't know what to do anymore trying to convince people-i have and this is the absolute truth-had people laugh in my face-including Nando when we were together!!
but i wanted to come over here to let you know two things Benjibopper did a beautiful poem "loonsong" that you might enjoy and also at the top of my page under "great links!" the site-The Anomalist has a huge amount of paranormal stories -i didnt know if you knew of the site or not-it isnt a blog and updates daily-i cant believe i have forgotten about it since i have been blogging used to go there daily!! I am sure you know about "Cryptogon" and if you dont that is at the top of my page also-hope you and yours are doing great and i hope to be back online saturday-like i emailed a friend it is just as well i plan to anyway-be offline tomorrow as I feel a night of insomnia coming on from waking so late in the day today -best as always to you and your family!!

nolocontendere said...

It really is a true test of character with the change in administrations. It shows so much about a person who won't criticize someone in power who does the same things the previous criminals did - all because the current guy is considered "one of us".

Nina said...

And not only is this current guy supposed to be "one of us", he's also black, which is supposed to make him even MORE OF "one of us". A joke. He's whiter than much of the white population, which is why I tried telling folks "if America wanted a black man, they would have voted in someone like Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson."