Swine Flu Masks and Marketing

I went on amazon to check prices of masks. Even though we're employing more natural methods of keeping ourselves healthy (raw garlic, mushrooms, vitamins c and d, omega-3 oils, lots of rest, fluids, etc. etc.), I figure it may be reasonable to purchase some disposable masks. I noticed the green masks--those that they are showing on our television news programs--are unavailable. However, there are still the regular white masks available. I noticed the green masks are including the term "swine and bird flu" in their sales and marketing pitch. However, it's important to note that it isn't the color that matters but the type of mask. N95 is what you need to look for.

And do the natural things. Oil of Oregano is also known for it's immune enhancing and bacterial and viral fighting properties as are echinecea and goldenseal. You can find these for reasonable prices through Swanson Vitamins online. One other trick I've tried (for the cold virus but it should work for other viruses as well given it's a huge dose of vitamin C) is to take a sliver off the skin of an orange and, with a clean finger, pinch the skin until juice comes out. Take the juice on the finger and stick the finger up the nose and inhale strongly. It'll knock your socks off but the last time I used it, it was effective in shortening the duration and severity of my cold. I've also been popping chopped up raw garlic, nature's miracle anti-fungal/anti-viral/anti-bacteria. So has Mr. Nina. We smell, but who cares if it's keeping us healthy. I've used raw garlic for years with very good success. It has knocked out most of my cold viruses when taken at the initial onset. And when it doesn't work at the onset, it reduces my symptoms. Garlic. It's natural. And cheap. Better than some damn pharmaceutical like Tamiflu. But that's for another post, another time.


Devin said...

I agree Nina! this is one hysteria I am not giving into-although it is kinda funny -well not really-cause I feel like I have the flu right now!! I was at Docs office today and a whole mess of people were asking for masks-not exactly a riot or anything-but they wanted them badly-best to you and your family as always my friend!!

Julie said...

And, don't forget to wash your hands. All your other suggestions are good ones. Stay well.

Nina said...

yikes devin, i sure hope it isn't the flu (of any kind). mama earth nina said get some fresh garlic into your body! after doing more research, i've decided to order some oregano oil. not necessarily for this flu strain but for other health issues it is said to address and alleviate.

yes, thank you for the reminder julie about hand washing! very important!

Anthony said...

Hi Nina,

My name is Anthony and I work for Swanson Vitamins, and I wanted to thank-you for blogging about our company. I am happy to hear that you turn to natural products, and we are pleased to be able to count you among our customers. Thanks again for recommending us and have a great day!