Israel and Palestine: The Truth

Written a few months ago, a very relevant, to-the-point perspective of what's going on between Israel and Palestine, a bit of history, some hard-nosed, pointed questions and what the agenda is believed to be. Certainly one thing more than any other has continued to just, well, baffle my mind and that is the number of people who really believe Israel is the chosen land, and the people of Israel, god's chosen people and as such, support for them, even in the midst of their continual attack on innocent civilians, is unwaivering. I mean seriously, this is a completely deeply insane belief. It's not the belief of one who is truly centered in their own mind/body/soul. It is not the belief of one who has done ANY REAL thoughtful contemplation ON THEIR OWN. It's a forced dogmatic thought pattern that borders on psychopathic. The Universal Creator plays favorites? I mean come on now. Favortism? Simply based on location?

Hmm. Ok, fine. Let's play this one out then. Most Christian and Christian-related religions do not believe that we pick our parents nor do they believe we as souls have any choice in what family we are born into. God makes that decision. Taking that further then, a soul born into a family residing in Israel suddenly becomes chosen while the rest of us, well, too damn bad, especially if you happen to be born into a Palestinian family. Ya shoulda tried making an offering to God to be born elsewhere. I hear God likes a good nut brownie.

Onto the next observation. What happens when an Israeli dies? Their physical body dies, therefore their blood, their cells, their lineage, everything that makes them an Israeli citizen is no longer functioning which therefore leads to the obvious conclusion that they are pure energy just like every other being.

I know this. Having gotten to know a family who left Palestine a few years and are (against my pleas) considering a return, having heard their first hand accounts of just some of what these folks experienced (and they weren't even in the most violent area), how they have been forced off their land to the deplorable and frightening daily living conditions they all, as they said "just get used to", if I am ever to encounter, in person, anyone who claims Israel is "it" and the people of Israel, "it" and "chosen", who show unwaivering support for Israel, I am going to drag his or her ass to meet this family and make him or her listen to this family's story and then, ask again, how "it" and "chosen" they believe Israel to be and if it is truly ok for any Israeli to take the life of any of the people in this family. Children included. Land, too. Food. Water.

Like many who speak as I, the term "anti-semitic" is given. In our ever-growing politically correct world, lunacy has replaced thoughtfulness. Reminder: Freedom of expression does not mean being free from disagreeing or being offended. We are creating a world where being offended by someone else's opinions is enough to give out a call for censorship. "They're racist! They're sexist!" Whatever. As long as people aren't actually harming others by threats of violence, physical harm and the like, aren't harassing or denying one a job, a home, an education, etc. then let people have their opinion. And hey, I get pissed off at people who think such things as "women who sleep around are sluts" and "black men are criminals" and "white men are pigs" and the like, and while at the moment of my being angry I may want to slap duct tape on their mouth and haul them off to some land dedicated solely to those of their shared thoughts, I can use my own mind and inner workings to calm myself and realize they're just spewing man-made dialogue and that if I truly believe in Freedom, I support their right to think what they think and speak what they think.

It's so silly, don't you think? Silly, sad. Brutal. Destructive. For in the midst of all of the black and white thinking and religious myth and interpretation, people are suffering and dying. Children are losing parents, parents, their children. And all for what? Simply because a group of people (of both Jewish and non-Jewish origin--certainly not ALL Jewish people support what's going on) use the guise of THIS IS TRUTH AS SPOKEN BY GOD (when in reality it's Old Testament speak--think Jesus would ever take sides in this massacre??), backed with fear to incite a vulnerable, searching and weak-in-the-mind citizen to support an agenda of control and rule while rendering a class of people as unworthy simply due to what family they were born into.

If you don't find this insane, then you're part OF the insanity. But you don't have to be. Spend a month away from the television, from the church, from your bible, from like-minded friends. Get to know yourself by simply being WITH yourself. And then ask yourself this simple question: Is it ever ok to kill another human being who has never threatened or attempted to kill you? (And for the record, Hamas' killing of Israeli citizens is just as wrong, although the circumstances are different.) Listen to your heart, your center, for that is where the truth resides. Forget the words your brain sends you. The brain is limited. But the soul, that is the container of truth. And it is at the center of our bodies that the soul, our truth, most reveals itself.

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Nina-great post as always-I really enjoy your breakdowns of the news!! Love the new header:-) all the best!!